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Texas Fountain

Texas Fountain Jesus Bautista Morales Granite Art in the Business District An internationally known sculptor, Morales creates beautifully chiseled granite sculptures that are abstract in form. A trademark of his work is his contrast of highly

Obelisk Joe Fay Steel Art in the Business District His sculpture incorporates natural imagery such as animals and people, and includes a body of works involving silhouettes of animals cut from brushed aluminum. As for the Obelisk,
City-Owned Property

City Property Management The City of Beverly Hills has more than 40 commercial tenants occupying over 280,000 square feet of City-owned properties. Most of the buildings are attached to public parking structures in the Business Triangle
Bicycle Ad Hoc Committee

Following receipt of a Rack-On-Request application, the City Transportation Engineer (or designated technical staff) will conduct a field check within two weeks to determine if a bicycle rack can be installed adjacent to your place of business. If rack
Groundwater Technical Committee

In Beverly Hills', the wellbeing of its citizens, economic health of its businesses and attraction as a destination local for visitors around the world is incumbent upon a reliable water supply. The Groundwater Management Plan Technical
New Online Account Confirmation

Thank you! You have successfully submitted your information to BHReg, your information will be emailed to you within one (1) business day. Once residency has been verified for Beverly Hills' customers, you will be emailed your family PIN
Commercial Buildings

**NEED SPLASH PAGE HERE** Exterior Business Identification Signage Facade Alterations Roofing Solar Photovoltaic Panel Interior Asbestos Abatement Electrical Panel Changeout (Low Voltage Electrical Water Heater Changeout Eletric Vehicle
FAQ - Why can't I go to any hospital that I want?

to reach their hospital of choice. In addition, paramedics are mandated to take certain types of patients, i.e. serious traffic accidents, to the nearest Trauma Center. Hospitals may also divert paramedics when they are extremely busy to allow for more
Basket Dancer

Basket Dancer Glenna Goodacre Bronze Art in the Business District Canon Drive Bronze, green patina/black veined with a marble base sculpture-installation, Goodacre's depiction of a costumed participant in a Pueblo woman's ritual dance

Jessica Dee Toscano Bronze Art in the Business District Canon Drive Self-taught painter and sculptor Dee Toscano resides in Colorado, where she has maintained an art studio in her home for over thirty years. She has taught art at the Scottsdale
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