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policies so that fundamental and traditional tenets of librarianship are not swept away. Electronic information flows across boundaries and barriers despite attempts by individuals, governments, and private entities to channel or control it. Even so,
City Cast March 2015

100 Years, 100 Stories 10:00 Life & Times of Max Whittier 10:30 Hidden Places: Routes West AprilApril FIND BHTV ON TIME WARNER CABLE CHANNEL 10 IN BEVERLY HILLS and WEBCAST AT BEVERLYHILLS.ORG April City of Beverly Hills Beverly Hills
Pricing Sheet

RCA Line input N/A N/A Simple 1 or 2 channel amplifier Power output based on room size and quantity of room speakers Speaker Requirements: 8 ohm or 70v (depending on amplifier choice) N/A N/A Standard frequency response The following
EOP 2013 Planning and Intelligence Section Supporting Materials

To: Basic Radio Channel Utilization Assignment Function System Channel/Frequency Designated Check-in Time Remarks
EOP 2013 Planning and Intelligence Section Supporting Materials

To: Basic Radio Channel Utilization Assignment Function System Channel/Frequency Designated Check-in Time Remarks
C1056 AUR La Cienega - Specs (Amd 5)

creek or drainage channel. During construction of such barriers, muddying of the creek/drainage channel shall not be allowed. Oily or greasy substances originating from the Contractor's operations shall not be allowed to enter or be placed where
IFB C1056 Appendix C (Amd 3) - COBH Tech Spec for DI Pipe

polyethylene jacketed, with 300 volt dielectric rating. The number of pairs in the detector lead-in cable shall be determined by meeting the requirements that there shall be a maximum of two detectors per pair of channel for presence or call detector
Specifications (1 of 2)

1 SECTION 03300 CAST-IN-PLACE CONCRETE PART 1 - GENERAL 1.01 SUMMARY A. Provisions of the General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 01 apply to this section. B. Section Includes: 1. Cast-in-place concrete placeme
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9568--Specs 1.pdf
Technical Specifications

the following items: 1. Organizational arrangement of Contractor's forces and personnel, and those of subcontractors, materials suppliers, and Architect. 2. Channels and procedures for communications. 3. Construction schedule, including sequence
EOP 2013 Finance and Administration Section

are received from other Sections at the end of each operational period. Organize, manage, coordinate and channel the donations of money received during and following the emergency from individual citizens and volunteer groups. Make recommendations
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