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Tab 11 - FPPC Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 (Revised 2007)

expenditures in connection with an election from the campaign bank account established for that election, including: ?? Campaign strategic planning and fundraising expenses; ?? Services and actual expenses of outside political consultants, the campaign
IFB C1056 Appendix A - ADDED - 2-26-14

‐ specific information is desired, then additional explorations would need to be performed.  1.1 Objectives and Scope of Work The objective of the geotechnical and environmental investigations was to evaluate subsurface soil,  groundwater, subsurface gas, and other man‐made environmental conditions, for  planning, design and  construction
September 2013

West Builders, Inc. (310) 337-0077 Owner: Contractor: Description : NEW SECOND UNIT. (ELECTRONIC PLAN REVIEW) Revised structural plans 4-15-2013 KEVIN HUVANE (424) 288-2000 M G PARTNERS INC (805) 383-7500 Owner: Contractor: Description : New
Consumer Confidence Report 2012

2012 Consumer Confidence Report Beverly Hills This publication was created by the City of Beverly Hills, Department of Public Works & Transportation, as part of its Environmental Programs outreach efforts. Log on to www.beverlyhills.org to learn
October 2013

$56,208.56 $0.00 Description : Building � Core & Shell (Exterior) (ELECTRONIC PLAN CHECK) Shawmut Design & Construction (213) 222-5437 Owner: Contractor: Description : ARCHITECTURAL & STRUCTURAL REVISION DUE TO TERMITE DAMAGE TO BS1209230 BARODA BEVERLY
February 2013

FAMILY RESIDENCE. (ELECTRONIC PLAN CHECK) Grant Levy (310) 281-5939 KEMPLER & COMPANY INCORPORATED (818) 448-2005 Owner: Contractor: Description : ADDITION TO MASTER BATHROOM AND CLOSET. GRAIWER,MANUEL (818) 241-3949Owner: Contractor: OBC
December 2012 Charitable Solicitations Commission Agenda

the Police Department at (310) 285-2100. Please notify the Police Department at least seventy-two hours prior to the meeting so that reasonable arrangements can be made to ensure accessibility. Conference Room 280-A is equipped with audio equipment
CIP Report

CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS Sewer Master Plan Page 1–1 H:\Daniel Cartagena\CIP Report\Sec_01_CIP.doc Section 1—Capital Improvement Program 1.1 Introduction Projects that have been included in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
May 15, 2014 Regular Meeting

department has been working diligently reconciling the Fine Art fund from the numbers provided by the permit center, which is where each obligation is initially assessed. Using the published spreadsheet, "Potential Revenue," Commissioner Kaye pointed out
Zoning Map

97859775 9879 1131 128 0 9885 806 9961 1276 1010 1790 0 1156 2021 810 0 0 1199 479 0 0 1740 City of Beverly Hills Zoning Map Planning Division, October 2008 ZONES: SINGLE-FAMILY RESIDENTIAL R-1 One-Family Residential Zone R-1.X
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