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Garage/Estate Sales

and Advertising When the Garage Sale Permit is approved, the Community Development Department will issue a sign to the applicant that must be used to advertise the garage sale: this is the only sign that may be used to advertise the sale. The Municipal Code
Contractor Information

you want to take on the responsibilities of being an owner-builder the Community Development Department requires two documents to completed for each permit obtained as owner-builder. Owner Builder Acknowledgement Verification Owner Builder
Beverly Hills Business Directory Map

C 4 :iy Hi. 1 -N VIA RODEO EODR 0 Hotel Sattel> BEVERLY BLVD -V~ ~ V Cedars-Sinai r ‘b- V Medical4~) p Center BeveelyCeester 5000Police Department City Hall <~ Public Library Fire Department 3801 3RD ST. Court House Leemitage Benerty
Exponent Presentation to City Council 2-7-2012

- Profile 15 Methane Gas Hazard California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) “Advisory on Methane Assessment and Common Remedies at School Sites”  “Methane sampling spacing generally requires a 100-foot grid system to screen
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/10174--Exponent CityCouncilMeeting_02-07-2012.pdf
English as a Second Language (ESL)

assessment: Wednesday | 9:30am – 12:00pm All classes are in Beverly Hills Public Library (BHPL) - Second floor 444 North Rexford Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Instructor: Nicholas Di Masi CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS COMMUNITY SERVICES DEPARTMENT
Exhibit C

PERIODIC MAINTENANCE A. Lighting Maintenance: Lighting shall be maintained in a continuous state of operation. The Public Garage operator shall inspect and report all inoperative fixtures immediately to the appropriate department of the Parking
917 Benedict Canyon Dr.

n~ i~-nj~’~State of California — The Resources Agency Ser. No. — DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION HABS____ HAER_____ NR S. SHL ____ Loc_ UTM: A il~~ iC_~~3fl1’1I~4.p B _______________ HISTORIC RESOURCES INVENTORY c _____________ D ______________
1220 Benedict Canyon Dr.

state of california — Tfle Resources Agency DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION HISTORIC RESOURCES INVENTORY Ser. No. ~ I ~ ~J I ~ HABS____ HAER_____ NR 1 SHL ____ UTM: A~ ______________ C _______ D ________ IDENTIFICATION 1. Common name: None
1100 Carolyn Way

~ta~e OT i..~iirnrnia — i ne ~esources ~gency _____________________________ DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION HISTORIC RESOURCES INVENTORY ____________ IDENTIFICATION 1. Common name: Gravhall 2. Historic name: ~r~yh~1 1 3. Street or rural
1700 Chevy Chase Dr.

photograph(s) 1986 State of California — The Resources Agency DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION HISTORIC RESOURCES INVENTORY IDENTIFICATION 1. Common name: O.~I~ SHL— Loc_ Beverly Hills Women~s Club I-’ 13. Condition: Excellent __Good X Fair_
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