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FY2014/15 Budget Message - Proposed

the demand for City services, especially in the development services areas, including impact on planning, plan review, permit issuance, inspection, traffic planning, and engineering. In addition to Community Development, increased demand hits other
City Council Resolution - Mills Act Pilot Program Extension

historic buildings and landscapes, the City is preserving its history and supporting the local economy. Section 5. The City’s General Plan Historic Preservation Element includes policies related to preserving resources that represent the City’s history
Jeff Kolin Declaration

for the subway stations. b. Emergency Response Plans To Address Methane and Other Risks. The City’s emergency personnel must be prepared to respond to hazardous or toxic releases, fires and explosions. The FEIS acknowledges that “[l]ocal fire departments
Previous MOU with Track Changes (Confidential Employees)

Retirement Benefit, including a) City PERS rate and b) the value of the City paid employee PERS contribution = eight percent (8%); 3. The value of the average health insurance plan of all bargaining unit members. To determine the survey agencies’
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2013

location on Wilshire Boulevard. The commission also approved the plans for the jazz club Spagettini on Canon Drive. The recently opened Nespresso store is an example of the commission process working well: they presented five concepts and responded
2013 Consultant Submission - Historic Resources Group

jurisdictions in the management of their historic resources. ARG’s planning group staff has varied interests and areas of specialization in the fields of history, architectural history, historic preservation, cultural resources, city planning, preservation

ARTICLE 4: DEFERRED COMPENSATION Page 1 of 38 The City shall contribute $70.00 a month per employee to the City’s deferred compensation plan. ARTICLE 5: SPECIAL COMPENSATION No special salary adjustments authorized by this Article shall become
Proposed Final Version (SUP)

per employee to the City's deferred compensation plan. ARTICLE 5: SPECIAL COMPENSATION No special salary adjustments authorized by this Article shall become effective until an official transaction form authorizing the adjustment is approved
Address Change or Verification

Address Changes In the case of an address change, the property owner or an agent thereof should submit a written request, plot plan and floor plan of the property, and payment of $588.70. Address Verifications In the case
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