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Planning Commission Meeting Synopsis 07-10-2008

or R-4 as a transition block for consistency. Speaker: Ken Goldman, a resident, Southwest Homeowner’s Association, was permitted to discuss Item 1 under this section. He urged the Commission not to rush the General Plan through and expressed
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/3821--7-10-08 Synopsis.pdf
CALGreen (BM-3) Commissioning Plan

The following form may be required to be printed on the permit set of construction drawings or submitted separately. Italicized text indicates direct or partial quotes from the CALGreen Code. CALGreen Commissioning Requirement
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8587--BM-3 Commissioning Plan.pdf
1-18-12 AC Minutes

with the commission’s action. This determination shall be subject to applicable fees and charges. A substantial modification to the approved project requires approval from the Architectural Commission. 7) Validity of Permits. The rights granted by this approval shall
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/10211--AC Minutes - 1-18-2012 (Signed).pdf

legislation the Iegislathre advocate is attempting to influence: AinendConditi-Oflal Use Permit and Extended Hours Permit Cotmcilmembers Plsxwing Commissioners Architeoturai CommIssion&s Public Works Commissioners City Manages City Attorney - 0 LØ/t’O
Land Use & Zoning

and design requirements for each property in the City. The Community Development Division administers the City’s Zoning Code which can be found in the City's Municipal Code Book, Title 10, Chapter 3. Contact the department, or visit the City's Permit
Affordable Housing Incentives

Multi-family Development Standards The City's multi-family (R-4) development standards provide for densities ranging from 26 to 48 units per acre, with the permitted density based on the following factors: number of contiguous lots
RFP Document

The City of Beverly Hills / Beverly Hills Police Department (BHPD) is accepting proposals from qualified bidders to provide operations and management services for the City of Beverly Hills Type I Jail Facility as documented herein. Question Period:
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 3: CODE VIOLATIONS Article 1. Offense And Punishment 1-3-104: Aiding And Abetting

suffering, or concealing of such act or omission, and any person who shall cause, permit, aid, abet, suffer or conceal such act or omission shall be guilty of a violation of this code and shall be punishable in accordance with the punishment prescribed
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 5: NOTICES, SERVICE OF PROCESS, STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS, AND CONTRACTS Article 3. Administrative Mandamus And Statute Of Limitations 1-5-302: Prompt Judicial Review

Sterling Codifiers, Inc. 1-5-302: PROMPT JUDICIAL REVIEW: Any interested party may seek judicial review of a final city decision regarding the issuance, revocation, suspension, or denial of a permit or license for an activity
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 9: LEGISLATIVE ADVOCATES Article 2. Restrictions Pertaining To Former City Officials And Elected Officials 1-9-207: Disapproval Of Transactions

for the city to disapprove any contract, approval, permit, or transaction that was related to any such violation. B. A violation of this article shall not be a basis for invalidating any city decision. (Ord. 06-O-2507, eff. 11-17-2006)
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