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13-1144-GW (SSx)) regarding Defendants’ violations of (a) the National Environmental Policy Act, (b) Section 4(f) of the Department of Transportation Act, (c) Section 176 of the Clean Air Act, and (d) the Administrative Procedure Act; and (2) all
Sales Tax Update 2014 First Quarter

Hills BEVERLY HILLS TOP 15 BUSINESS TYPES Business Type Change Change Change County HdL State*In thousands 10.3% 14.5%15.9%Auto Lease 342.2 -1.0% 6.4%6.3%Casual Dining 209.0 2.3% -5.3%-3.2%Department Stores 1,064.7 — CONFIDENTIAL — 7.8%
Sales Tax Update 2013 Second Quarter

Art/Gift/Novelty Stores 5.1% 13.4%17.7% 312.9 Auto Lease 2.7% 0.2%0.0% 698.2 Department Stores — CONFIDENTIAL — 6.8% 4.7%4.0% 1,233.5 Family Apparel -0.7% 6.8%4.3% 100.6 Home Furnishings 7.1% 7.4%3.2% 377.5 Hotels-Liquor 25.1% 11.1%9.2% 454.7 Jewelry
Sales Tax Update 2013 Third Quarter

1,049.2 Department Stores — CONFIDENTIAL — 15.3% 5.6%6.6% 877.9 Family Apparel 4.1% 11.3%13.0% 435.0 Fine Dining 1.3% 10.3%7.7% 106.5 Home Furnishings -63.0% -13.3%-22.2% 319.6 Hotels-Liquor 1.5% 8.3%6.5% 415.3 Jewelry Stores 28.4% 6.8%7.2%
July 17, 2014 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting

entrance and exit of the Civic Center Garage, the planter areas in front of the Library and the Police Department expanded to such a degree Staff requested the Commissioners reconsider the placement of the Center Obelisk to be installed in one
February 20, 2014 Fine Art Commission Synopsis

celebration, Arts of Palm project; the theme of each work of art centers around palm trees. E. An RFP and call to artists has been distributed to create original art for the Children’s department of the Beverly Hills Public Library. 2 F.
GANN Report 2012

in the 4th quarter per capita personal income (which percentages are supplied by the State Department of Finance), or the annual percentage change in the local assessment roll from the preceding year due to the change in local nonresidential new
GANN Report 2013

its appropriations limit by either the annual percentage change in the 4th quarter per capita personal income (which percentages are supplied by the State Department of Finance), or the annual percentage change in the local assessment roll from the preceding year
City Council Supports United Way Home for Good Initiative

the stability of a permanent home. Prolonged stays in short-term housing are more costly and less effective. Over 6,000 men and women who have served our country are newly homeless. There are critical resources distributed through the U.S. Department
3-27-14 Minutes

The Commission departed for a bus tour of the property at 1801 Angelo Drive at 1:34 pm. The Commission reconvened in Meeting Room 280-A at 2:44 pm. Recordings of the Planning Commissions meetings are available online within three business days of the meeting.
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