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Team Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills a world class community. Team Beverly Hills showcases the structure and functions of City government, business, education, and service industries. Larry Kohn, co-founder of Team Beverly Hills says, “Our goal is to create a base

Playground, 1962; 2003 Tony Smith (1912 - 1980) Welded Steel, Black Paint Purchased by the Fine Art Commission Smith experimented with simple, three-dimensional geometric shapes, combining and then enlarging them to create drama through
Molecule Man

but also the figures joining in the center, refering to the molecules of all human beings coming together to create our existence. “I am a student of the mind, how the mind works, why we hurt each other, why we help each other, why we do what we do."
The Year 2000

Angeles in 1976. He was fascinated by surfaces and his works show many layers of paint laid on and scraped off, creating a rough textural finish. Did You Know: One of the founders of MOCA uncharacteristically agreed to visit Sevilla's small studio
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 3: CODE VIOLATIONS Article 3. Administrative Penalties 1-3-301: Scope

structural or zoning issues that do not create an immediate danger to health or safety. This remedy may be exercised in place of, or in addition to, any administrative, criminal, civil, or equitable remedy allowed by law. The city attorney or city prosecutor

is a virtual jigsaw puzzle of simple shapes layered around each other in a mountain of forms in Liberman's trademark orange. Funded by City of Beverly Hills Public Art Fund and Dr. Murray Pepper, he created Sisyphus in honor of Mayor Vicki Reynolds Pepper.
Flight to Infinity

The sculpture is a portrayal of a young dancer, woman trying to emanate the feeling of flying through dance. The Sculpture Flight to Infinity was created for and dedicated at the opening of the Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel in 1999. 9882 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills Honors 25th Youth in Government Class

Hills Unified School District. Through a district-wide essay contest, twenty eighth-grade students were selected to take on the roles of local elected and appointed officials to learn about the legislative process and to create an awareness
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5118--Youth in Government 2009 photo.pdf

The Training Coach program is the utilization of a selected few current City employees in the facilitation of trainings offered to all City Employees. The City began its Training Coach program when the Supervisor’s Academy was created
Disaster Planning for Businesses

employees to create their own disaster plans and kits. Create communications plan to contact employees and customers during and after a disaster. For more information go to: http://www.ready.gov/business/talk/index.html Protect your investment
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