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Tenant Landlord Rights and Responsibilities

you need to ensure your rights as a tenant and/ or landlord are protected. COMMUNITY RESOURCES CITY RESOURCES Mediation Services Center for Civic Mediation Main: 877-4RESOLV (877-473-7658) Web: centerforcivicmediation.org Tenant/Landlord
Computer Usage and Access Rules 2014

station. Request forms to have web sites reconsidered (blocked or unblocked) are available at all the public service desks and in brochure holders near the public computers. Please drop off your forms at any desk or mail the form to the library.
December 17, 2015

to approve the scope of work by RLA (4-0). AYES: Commissioners Rubins, Hiller, Vice Chair Kaye, Chair Potter NOES: None ABSENT: Commissioner Smooke CARRIED Page 2 of 5 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting Minutes December 17, 2015 6. Web page submission
January 21, 2016 Regular Meeting

up balancing out the lesser option cost. 3. Web page submission form Staff informed the Commission that the next step would be for the Web Submission for Priority Exercise Ad Hoc Committee, IT and Staff to meet and report to the Commission
Community Services Registration Form

____________________________________________________________________________________X How did you hear about our programs?: Web site Newspaper Brochure Other Friend Flyer Street Banner Registration Form Fax: 310.274.9571 – Registration Office hours are 9:00am - 4:00pm, Monday - Friday. REGISTRATION FOR WINTER 2016
Charitable Gifting Opportunities

and Officers, visit the "Community Charitable Foundation" web page. Click here to download the "Legacy & Charitable Community Gifting" brochure. Click here to download the CBHCCF Donation Payment Form. Available donor opportunities
Code Compliance

285-1145 Send Email Michal Masini Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1174 Send Email Josh Charlin Code Enforcement Officer (310) 285-1175 Send Email Web Page Updated December 10, 2015
Holiday Decorations in Commercial Area

installations; they are authorized to ask owners to either install properly or remove unsafe decorations. To submit an online question Ask Bev! Web page updated February 8, 2010
Beverly Hills Supplemental Plan Check Correction Checklist

Visit the efficient landscapes web page for additional information www.beverlyhills.org/efficientlandscapes 6. Provide a construction vehicle parking plan. Parking must be on site when possible. Secondary parking can be on the street directly
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6242--Beverly Hills Supplemental Plan Check Corrections.pdf
Concrete Shear Wall Plan Review Checklist

2. Effective flange widths of flanged sections shall extend from the face of the web a distance equal to the smaller of 1/2 the distance to an adjacent wall web and 25% of the total wall height. (ACI-318 Section D. SPECIAL BOUNDARY
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5204--2008 LARUCP Plan Review List - Concrete Shear Wall v1 0.pdf
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