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Internet Explorer v7.0 or higher to access the Beverly Hills Electronic Review system. Other internet browsers may provide a limited experience. 2. Prior to logging into the Beverly Hills Electronic Review system, the following actions must
1261 Lago Vista Dr.

landmarks): 20. Main theme of the historic resource: (If more than one is checked, number in order of importance.) ~NORTH Architecture X Arts & Leisure ___________ Economic/Industrial—Exploration iSettlement ________ Government ________ Military
1700 Lexington Rd.

___________ Economic/Industrial—Exploration jSettlement ________ Government ________Military ________________ Religion ___________ Social/Education ____________ 21. Sources (List books, doaiments. surveys, personal interviews and their dates). City
August 15, 2013 Regular Meeting

on a piece of property. The Commission directed staff to explore this option, get bids, attaching specific plans for foliage, and bring the designs and costs back to the Commission for further consideration, plus a Risk Management assessment. . 8.
September 17, 2013 Special Meeting

Sandy Pressman presented for purchasing consideration an art piece called Prudence from artist of interest Carol Bove. Staff requested a written proposal from the art gallery. Sandy Pressman will explore installation options. MOTION: Commissioner
July 17, 2014 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting

on the part of the artist and the Human Relations Commission to install another version of this work in Beverly Hills. That possibility will be explored further. 2 F. Chair Pressman attended the Mayor’s Cabinet Meeting, and the Communications
English as a Second Language (ESL)

with vocabulary enhancement and writing skills. It also builds confidence in conversation and explores elements of American culture. All students who demonstrate at least Level Three proficiency are welcome to join this class. 22350 9:00am - 11:00am M/Tu/Th 8/18
Draft Zoning Code Reorganization - July 11, 2013 Presentation

be respected;  Zoning must offer real, tangible benefits for City officials, residents and business in Beverly Hills; it need not be all about “thou shalt not…”; and  Whenever appropriate, it make sense to explore with City staff and the Planning
Lobbyist Disclosure Form - Staff Report 6-4-13

information or to update it more frequently c) Explore compliance measures and enforcement options FISCAL IMPACT There is minimal fiscal impact associated with posting lobbyist disclosure forms to the City’s website. Enforcement requirements have not been
3-01-12 DRC Minutes

so that the transition from roof to house is more graceful ( explore alternative treatments to the bottom of the roof overhang). y The proposed fence doesn't appear to fit in with the neighborhood. y Proper landscaping should be provided
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