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EOP 2013 Planning and Intelligence Section

on appropriate vest. Print your name on the EOC organizational chart.  Obtain preliminary report of the extent of damage. (Try to obtain a “big picture” of the situation and the status of the incident).  Begin your WebEOC Activity or hard duty Log (Found
RFP Document

the ability to pay for any trip using a major credit or debit card, without providing prior notice of their intent to do so, without assistance from the driver. The amount charged shall be determined automatically based on the meter reading. Printed
Appendix A- Beverly Hills Municipal Code

seating compartments of each vehicle, in clearly legible print and on a placard of a minimum size of four inches by six inches (4" x 6"); and such placard shall also state the name, business address, and telephone number of the holder of the taxicab
RFP Document

it is mailed. 5-4.7 The Vendor shall bear the costs for the printing and mailing of citations, as well as other associated costs and expenses required to manage a professional processing center. 5-4.8 The Vendor shall be responsible for processing all
RFP Document

or expense to the City. If Contractor prepares a document on a computer, Contractor shall provide City with said document both in a printed format and in an electronic format that is acceptable to the City. Section 16. Records and Inspections.
FY 2014-15 CIP Budget

developed forms to expedite citywide business processes. PROJECT CLIENT Client Name: David Schirmer Client Department: Information Technology Other Depts. Status: Completed the new app Explore Beverly Hills which provides a single user interface
FY 2015-16 Proposed CIP Budget

CLIENT Client Name: David Schirmer Client Department: Information Technology Other Depts. Status: Completed the new app Explore Beverly Hills which provides a single user interface with up-to-date information about Beverly Hills government, hotels,
Sustainable City Plan

BEVERLY HILLS SUSTAINABLE CITY PLAN February 17, 2009 C I T Y O F B E V E R L Y H I L L S S U S T A I N A B L E C I T Y P L A N How to Use this Plan The Sustainable City Plan is a tool kit that the City may use, either in who
Housing Element Appendix C

Ap A. 1 2 3 B. 1 2 3 C. 1 2 3 D. 1 2 3 An of ad ho de an for res ho of the ppendix Sites Invent 1. Data Sou 2. Identifica 3. Review o Financial R 1. Commun 2. Commun 3. Housing T Administra 1. Menorah 2. Alternativ 3.
FY 2013-14 Budget in Brief

for other post-employment benefits (OPEB) into funded liabilities. In addition, as directed by the City Council, our Finance and Budget staff continues to work with the City Treasurer’s Citizen’s Budget Review Committee to explore cost cutting and revenue
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