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9525 Brighton Way

the Camden—Brighton Building was completed in 1930. 20. Main theme of the historic resource: (If more than one is checked, number in order of importance.) Architecture X p~r*~ & I..e,sure ___________ Economic/Industrial _Explorationi~ettlement Government
9601 Brighton Way

Main theme of the historic resource: (If more than one is NORTH checked, number in order of importance.) Architecture X ~ts & Leisure ___________ Economic/Industrial _ExplorationiSettlement Government _______Military ________________ Religion
Sales Tax Update 2013 Fourth Quarter

of sale” has accelerated competition for what is becoming a diminishing resource. Local governments are now bidding rebates up to 85% of the local tax collected in exchange for location of order desks. -15% 0% 15% 30% '01 '03 '05 '07 '09 '11 '13
Sales Tax Update 2014 First Quarter

of groundwater. They further estimate that the impact of job losses will be offset by employment growth in oth- er segments of the economy. They also note that government drought aid, crop insurance, unemployment benefits and public assistance pro- grams
Sales Tax Update 2013 Second Quarter

for accounting anoma- lies, receipts from local govern- ments’ one cent sales and use tax were up 5.4% over the second quarter of 2012. More than half of the increase was driven by a strong quarter for auto sales plus new revenues flowing
July 17, 2014 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting

with the revised version of the Rules and Regulations that was crafted using the approved Public Works Rules & Regulations document. MOTION: Commissioner Chalom moved to adopt the change to Rules and Regulations governing the procedures of the Beverly
Procedures for Requesting Copies of Building Plans

not be responsible or the damaged caused by subsequent changes to, or use of, those plans, specifications, reports, or documents where the subsequent changes or uses, including changes or uses made by state or local governmental agencies, are not authorized
Past Election Results

The City of Beverly Hills was incorporated in January of 1914 and governed by a Board of Trustees from 1914 to 1928. Beverly Hills became a General Law City in 1928, which established the City Council form of government. From 1914 to 1928, 21
Driveway Approaches & Curbs

APPROACH FAQs Can I apply as Owner-Builder for the required permits? Answer: No, Owner-Builder permits are limited to private property. Driveway approaches are owned by the City, State, or Federal governing bodies. A property owner may request to enhance
Driveway Approaches & Curbs

governing bodies. A property owner may request to enhance or modify the driveway approach at the requesting party's expense. What permits are required for a new, modified, or relocated Driveway Approach? Answer: Street Use, and Driveway Approach permits
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