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Draft Zoning Code Reorganization - July 11, 2013 Presentation

and enforcement.  Clear rules in the 800 Series can govern citywide any specific instance that might arise.  Simplify references to numbers: spell out numbers less than ten; only use Arabic numbers for 10 or more (11, 121, 10,000, etc.).  Strive
Lobbyist Disclosure Form - Staff Report 6-4-13

was recently established to promote greater transparency and public involvement in local government operations. The Task Force consists of active local residents and meets once a month. An item currently under review by the Task Force, is the City’s practice
Form 460, Preelection and Semi-Annual Statement - 01/01/2010-06/30/2010

C. Recii~ient Committee Type or print in ink. Date Stamp Campaign Statement RECEI VEDCover Page CITY OF BEVERLY ( Government Code Sections 84200-8421 6.5) ________________________ Statement covers period Date of election if applicable: 2010 AUG
Form 460, Semi-annual Statement 07/01/2012 - 12/31/2012

Recipient Committee Campaign Statement Cover Page ( Government Code Sections 84200-84216.5) STREET ADDRESS (NO P.O. BOX) do ETA Events & Marketing, 427 North Canon Drive Type or print in ink. Statement covers period from July 1,2012 through
Form 460, Semi-annual Statement 07/01/2013 - 12/31/2013

COVER PAGE Recipient Committee Type or print in ink. Date Stamp Campaign Statement Cover Page ( Government Code Sections 84200-842165) ~ E CE! V ED Statement covers period Date of election if appliJab~e~ 0i PE’IE~..Y HILLS July 1, 2013 (Month, Day,
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Monday, May 21, 2014

On May 6, the City Council unanimously passed a resolution condemning the government of Brunei for laws that impose extremely harsh penalties, including death by stoning for homosexuality and adultery. The resolution does not call for a boycott
IFB C1056 Amendment No 3 Cover Letter - 4-3-14

Acknowledge receipt of this Amendment by inserting its number and date on the Bid Letter (Pro Form 052) of the Contract Documents. This Amendment forms a part of the Contract Documents and, with respect to the Contract Documents, this Amendment shall govern
Form 460, Semi-annual Statement 01/01/2014 - 06/30/2014

COVER PAGE Recipient Committee Type or print ~ ~ HlLL~ Campaign Statement C TY OF Cover Page ( Government Code Sections 84200-84216,5) _____________________________ _________________________ .0111 JUL 2 q p 2: Statement covers period Date
Notice to Bidders

Fax: 310-278-1838 http://www.beverlyhills.org/ government/pwtrans/default.asp TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I Street Improvements BH 101 Residential Driveway Approach BH 102 Non-Residential Driveway Approach BH 103 Curb Ramps BH
EOP 2013 Operations Section

to damaged areas; ordering and coordinating appropriate mutual aid resources; and assuming responsibility for the Coroner function in the absence of the Los Angeles County Coroner. In addition, the Police Department is in command of the Security
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