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2014-2021 Housing Element

on the 2010 Census along with other data sources. This analysis provides insight into the age, race and ethnicity, employment status, household size, and income of members of the community, and can help identify the community’s housing needs.

plants. This could reduce your outdoor water usage by 50%. And we’re helping provide you the resources. The City is working with Garden Gurus to provide professional landscaping consultations are only $50, when the price is normally more than $200.
Consumer Confidence Report 2006

Department of Health Services. Fluo- ridating the water especially helps to prevent tooth decay in children. Because of the health benefits of fluoridating in drinking water, a 1997 Assembly Bill of the State of California has mandated all large system
Consumer Confidence Report 2012

of fluoride ions. This additive helps prevent tooth decays. The fluoride concentration in your water ranges from 0.7 to 1.3 mg/L. • Your average water hardness is approximately 140 mg/L or 8.2 grains/gallon with a range from 60 mg/L to 250 mg/L.
2008 Guidelines for Evaluating and Mitigating Seismic Hazards in California

will be helpful to the owner/developer seeking approval of specific development projects within zones of required investigation and to the engineering geologist and/or civil engineer who must investigate the site and recommend mitigation of identified hazards.
CalPERS Facts

agency and school employers may adopt and offer to their employees to help them reach their retirement income goals. As of November 30, 2012: • 26,394 participants • $1.027 billion in total assets • 728 contracting agencies PEACE
Council Report December 2015

are reshaping the economic landscape. The gigabit broadband service has helped the City attract a new community of computer engineers, tech entrepreneurs and investors. For example, local entrepreneurs have organized Lamp Post, a venture incubator that provides
Beverly Gardens Apartments Historic Assessment Report

Canon Drive;  the  basic  courtyard  configuration;  the  height, shape, mass and composition of the building in relationship to its setting and immediate  environment;  and  physical  attributes  that  define  the  Spanish  Colonial  Revival  architectural 
April Community Campaign - Basic Disaster Kits

competitiveness and emergency preparedness, the City of Beverly Hills proudly announces its first “When It Rocks, Are You Ready To Roll?” community pledge drive. Just put together or update the supplies for basic preparedness for your home by using the handy
April Employee Campaign - Car, Work, & Home Emergency Kits and Preparedness Planning

items for infants, pets and those with special needs. Car Backpack: Should include: food, water, a first aid kit, flashlights and batteries or glowsticks, blanket, extra clothing, comfortable shoes, money, basic toiletries, medications, and other
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