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November 20, 2015 Memorandum

Pfalzgraf has deemed unsafe. He has further offered to provide and plant approximately 50 City-designated 36” box trees at predetermined spacing along the southern edge of Parcel 13 to help create a battier hedge and lessen the visual impacts of ttees
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Notes - April 4, 2016

permits – no parking rather than 1-hour, which may impact the nearby merchants. Neighbors on South Crescent Drive are asking for changes to help with cut-through traffic. A taxi franchise meeting was held; drivers want dual permitting with Los
Health and Safety Commission Meeting Minutes - February 22, 2016

to Commissioners, including evaluating home security systems, be vigilant and mindful of surroundings, and communication with family and neighbors. Commissioners thanked him for attending and offering helpful advice. 3. Dangerstoppers Sgt. Haefs proposed
Beverly Hills Electric Fountain Unveiling

of Commerce Advisory Board when it was established in 1923. He helped promote the economic, commercial, industrial, civic and social welfare of the people of the city of Beverly Hills. About the Tongva Native American Indian Tribe The Tongva Native
Recommended K-2

2016, ISBN: 9781481439787 William and an elderly gardener help transform their town by creating anonymous topiary artwork. Grades K-2 Reading Li st eading can be one of the many fun activities children fill their summer time with. Research
Jerrold S. Felsenthal

the City of Beverly Hills is currently considering ways to acquire additional water resources to accommodate the constant demand for larger development and redevelopment projects. I believe that I can be of significant help in refining the water exaction
May 19, 2016 Regular Meeting

of art and education that this exhibits brings to the City, and for helping people in need of surgical repair. Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting Synopsis May 19, 2016 Page 3 of 4 Motion: MOVED by Vice Chair Kaye, SECONDED by Commissioner
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Notes - June 13, 2016

The commission would like to count a portion of basements as part of the allowable square footage, which could help reduce the bulk and mass of homes in Beverly Hills. Fine Art Commission (FAC) – Vice Chair Alan Kaye Public artwork for a business
Health and Safety Commission Meeting Minutes - April 25, 2016

District since 2005 and is currently a math teacher at Beverly Hills High School. Chair Schwartz commended Mr. Schmalzbach for his role in helping save the life of a student. 2. Introduction of Assistant City Manager Recently appointed Assistant City
Public Works Commission Liaison Committee Meeting 05-16-16 Highlights

developers to ascertain fees.  Concerning the City’s physical ability to deliver water in light of demands, staff needs to discover system weaknesses and conduct analysis of future demand. The Water Capacity Fee is one fee designed to help ensure supply.
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