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EOP 2013 Management Section

the elderly, hearing/sight/mobility/cognitive impaired, etc. Prepare materials that describe the health risks associated with each hazard, the appropriate self- help or first aid actions, and other appropriate survival measures. Prepare instructions
RFP Document

guidelines, applicable law or is otherwise helpful in further the mission of the red light enforcement program. 5-6 Training 5-6.1 The Vendor shall provide reasonable and necessary on-site training in the operation of the digital camera systems
2007-08 3rd Quarter Status Report

– Being the Best Having access to the proper tools and training is key to a high-functioning workforce. The City’s commitment to providing critical equipment and opportunities for professional development helps sustain the outstanding service
Proposed Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2012/13

helps to support critical projects in the 5-year CIP. Some capital initiatives for the coming year include street resurfacing, sidewalk improvements, a new community building at Roxbury Park, a new enterprise resource planning system for finance
FY 2012-13 Budget

over forty years Alternative Retiree Medical Plan $27.0 million over forty` years Two-Tier PERS $4.3 million over ten years PERS cost sharing $3.5 million over five years Such leadership helps ensure that Beverly Hills will have excellent
FY 2013-14 Operating Budget

found in modern urban centers. Beverly Hills is blessed by a healthy business community. Revenues generated from the business sector represent about 65-80% of total General Fund revenues. This allows the City to provide residents with the finest
FY 2005-06 Budget

offer us the most potential savings from cost efficiency analysis. The Information Technology Fund has been one of our fastest growing budget areas, reflecting our need to upgrade operations for the future. With much help from the Technology
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2507--FY 2005-06 Budget.pdf
Attachment I : Section 5- Scope of Work

upgrades to its Television Production System relating to the Council Chambers, Room A and Control Room. The general overall scope of work, to be detailed further on in this document is: Council Chambers: Replace/upgrade video distribution system from
Housing Element Appendix B

and requiring review periods prior to approval of a project. Local land use regulations can also help to define residential character and facilitate housing production. It is important to recognize that the goal of producing housing may at times conflict
Beverly Hills Water Treatment Plant No.1 Historic Assessment Report

trail  and  campsite,  which  was  located  in  this  general vicinity.  PROPERTY DESCRIPTION AND CONSTRUCTION HISTORY  Description.  Constructed  in  1927‐1928,  the  Beverly  Hills Water  Treatment  Plant  No.  1  is  a 
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