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FAQ - Do I need a permit for landscaping?

No, but an architectural review is required except for buildings in single-family residential zones (R-1).
FAQ - Are picnic tables free to reserve?

No. For information, please call the Park you are interested in. For Roxbury Park, please call the Roxbury Park Community Center at 310-285-6840. For Coldwater Canyon and La Cienega Park, please call the La Cienega Community Center at 310-285-6810. P
FAQ - Why Is My Water Cloudy?

Those are millions of tiny air bubbles. They're harmless and not a health concern. Water in the Tucson Water distribution system is under pressure, causing any air present to be dissolved in the water until the pressure is released at the tap. If the
FAQ - How many people are there on Team Beverly Hills?

Each year, through an application process, 32 residents are selected to participate. The City Council appoints members in June , and the 10 "sessions" occur from approximately September through February.
FAQ - What are the Planning Department's business hours?

Monday through Thursday, 7:30am to 5:30pm and Fridays 8am to 5pm.
FAQ - How can I purchase Beverly Hills merchandise?

The Beverly Hills Conference & Visitors Bureau carries a select number of Beverly Hills-branded merchandise items for purchase at the Visitor Center located at 9400 S. Santa Monica Blvd. in Beverly Hills. For more information please call 310.248.100
FAQ - Does the trolley still run on rainy days?

Yes, the trolly operates in the rain. The trolley is enclosed.
FAQ - Why can't I go to any hospital that I want?

It is the Beverly Hills Fire Department's policy to try, whenever possible, to transport each patient to their hospital of choice. However, depending on the severity of a patient's condition we cannot always spend the additional time it would take to
FAQ - Is the City flag for Beverly Hills available for purchase?

We are not able to sell the City flag. However, if you need to film or photograph it, there is one on display in front of City Hall. You would need a film or still photography permit, which can be secured by calling 310-285-2408.
FAQ - Does the trolley tour make any stops?

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