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Tab 11 - FPPC Supplemental Form 460 Instructions for Multipurpose Organizations Including Nonprofits

Supplemental Instructions - 5 FAQs Q: Our union has a sponsored political action committee (PAC). This year the union made two contributions, $25,000 and $30,000, to a state ballot measure committee from the union’s general dues account. We are going
Statement of Uncontroverted Facts

on information from Metro). Yet the Agencies never directly informed the City or the public of that concern; instead, Metro referred vaguely to this decision via “area advisory groups” and the FAQ section of its website. AR27959, 27471; CBH Am. Compl. ¶ 51;
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Notes - January 28, 2015

will be reported to LA County authorities. The commission will be addressing the problem of aggressive panhandling by working with the business community. They are looking into Block by Block, a system of increasing enforcement visibility to help curtail
Painting at the Pond

100- year-old Lily Pond As part of the commemoration of the Centennial anniversary of the City, Beverly Hills residents have generously devoted time and money to help the City rebuild the 100 year old Lily Pond in the centermost block of historic
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Wednesday June 25, 2014

the “Obelisk” by Joan Brown in one of the planters at the newly rebuilt entrance to the City Center Parking Garage, which would make it visible on all sides. The commissioners will walk the location to help decide an exact location. Human Relations
Penalty Surcharge and Appeals Letter

billing periods. All Appeals Officer decisions are final. The City of Beverly Hills recognizes and appreciates the continued conservation efforts of its water customers to help the City meet its reduction targets. The City is committed to providing
Property Owner's Guide to Trees

to the pruning of street trees, we depend on the partnership of residents and business owners to help with the health and beauty of trees in the parkways. We hope that you will take a couple of minutes to share the information below with your gardener so that we
Firewise Program

The program will encourage a hands-on approach through which homeowners participate in crafting local solutions to their unique wildfire threats and issues. All efforts will be designed to help homeowners live safely and in harmony with nature and its fire
Human Services Community Partners

653-8622 http://www.thesabanfreeclinic.org/ Free medical and dental care, behavioral and social services for people in need. Step Up on Second Contact: (310-394-6889 www.stepuponsecond.org Providing help, hope and home for individuals experiencing mental
Human Services Division

The mission of the Human Services Division is to provide a crucial safety net for members of our community most in need of help. The City of Beverly Hills' General Plan identifies the following four priorities for the Human Services Division:
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