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Second Unit Permit

to help better illustrate the proposal as it may affect/impact neighboring properties. ? Fees Please see current Fee Schedule for the following fees: Second Unit Permit: • Planning Commission Review • Staff Review • Environmental
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/3032--Second Unit Permit.pdf
Material Selection Policy

the right to judge what people may or may not read, hear or look at. The Library recognizes that citizens must form their own opinions and make their own decisions, and is primarily concerned with providing materials that will help them do so
Beverly Hills In Focus - August 2008

– offer 24/7 access via the Library’s website. Employee Spotlight - Toby Omens 4 All in a day’s work: For more than three decades, Beverly Hills families have turned to Toby to help them choose reading materials. She enjoys a close personal
Beverly Hills In Focus - October 2008

for 6th-through 12th-graders, this hangout features a large-screen TV, gaming systems, computers and DVD player. Beverly Hills Students in Grades 7 through 10 are also encouraged to apply for positions on the Teen Advisory Committee, a group that helps
Westside COG Agenda - September 18, 2014

and Visitor’s Bureaus, as well as thanked the staff of these organizations for providing information to help frame the tourism/economic development component of the annual work plan. WSCCOG staff also drafted the annual budget and determination dues
4-18-12 AC Minutes

relocating the intercom. > Need to provide a sample of the perforated materials on the doors. This material doesn’t seem appropriate — consider alternative materials. It would be helpful to s e e how the design fits with the adjacent building to the south.
Pension Task Force

Wilson wanted to use pension funds to help cover a state budget deficit. • Proposition 162, the "California Pension Protection Act of 1992," gave CalPERS board the sole and exclusive fiduciary responsibility over the assets. • In the late 1990’s,
Greystone Events Marketing Brochure

event custom-tailored to your desire. We listen to your needs to help you execute your vision. www.AlanJacksonCatering.com 323.732.5400 www.WolfgangPuck.com/catering-events 323.491.1266 www.SRCEventGroup.com 213.200.6965 310.285.6830
La Cienega Fitness Equipment Instructions

pegs and your hands on the sides of your head. The Movement: Begin crunching by rolling your upper torso forward slowly, then pushing your head and chest toward the sky, keeping your lower back against the bench. (Pointing your chin up will help
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Tuesday, Dec. 2, 2013

considered 17 projects. Many of them were projects that came back after making changes and the owners thanked the commission for helping make the projects better. Recently the commission gave direction for a sign concept at the Crescent Hotel,
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