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benefits. The fluoride levels in your water are maintained within a range of 0.7 to 1.3 parts per million, as required by the state of California Department of Public Health. Fluoridating the water especially helps to prevent tooth decay in children.
FY2013/14 Proposed - Supplememtal & Glossary

also improve the City’s fiscal stability by helping City officials plan fiscal strategy with a consistent approach. Adherence to adopted financial policies promotes sound financial management, which can lead to improvement in bond ratings, a lower cost
Beverly Hills City Hall Historic Assessment Report

evident in the property and help to render it historically significant. It retains integrity of location, Modifications to the setting include renovation of the landscaping, including elimination of the reflecting pool, new gardens and access
Single-Family Bulk and Mass Issues and Options Paper

and the community will shape subsequent work on zoning code standards that could help reduce actual, as well as perceived. residential mass, bulk, and volume, enabling zoning to do a better job in conserving and enhancing Beverly Hills’ unique Central Area
Beverly Gardens Apartments Historic Assessment Report

CITY LANDMARK ASSESSMENT & EVALUATION REPORT APRIL2014 BEVERLYGARDENSAPARTMENTS 9379?9383WestOlympicBoulevard,BeverlyHills,CA Preparedfor: CityofBeverlyHills CommunityDevelopmentDepartment PlanningDivision
Writers and Artists Building Historic Assessment Report

connections. By the early 1950s, the building’s name was changed to the Rexford Building. It is  uncertain at this time why the building was renamed to the Rexford Building as Rexford Drive is  a  few blocks east of the subject property. To  help with the name transition the property was  listed  in the 
November 2012 Charitable Solicitations Commission Agenda

team-based mentoring program. Estimated Gross: $ 700,000 Previous Fundraising Event Gross: $ 869,100 Estimated Expenses: $ 150,000 Previous Fundraising Event Expenses: $180,441 11. (2012-149)(2012-149A) The Helping Hand of Los Angeles Inc. requested
3-21-12 AC Minutes

of the building. Addition information should be provided for the signs (i.e. connection details, sign sections, material examples, dimensions of signs, colors of materials.) > Providing a model of the building would be helpful to understand mass. > Provide
Bid Package

into the hopper as possible, to prevent spillage and to provide for even dispersal of waste into the hopper. 15) Lifter shall allow for a minimum of 19‖ of ground clearance at all times to help prevent bottom- out damage. 16) All structural components
Bid- Angelus Waterproofing

narnm ~nrI Inr,n erm rmnletQrmrl merire nf A(~flPfl BID NO. 13-34 BIDDER’S CHECK LIST TO THE BIDDER: The following checklist is provided for the convenience of both you and the City to help eliminate errors or omissions which may render your bid
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