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FAQ - If my child is in kinder, does someone escort them to their afterschool classes?

Yes. Only kinder students get picked up from their classrooms by the STAR school site directors and get escorted to their classes.
FAQ - How long does a permit process typically take?

Application processing time differs depending on the type of permits required for the project. It usually takes five to 10 business days to process an application administratively at staff level and an additional four to six weeks if a Planning or Ar
FAQ - Can I register for all community services classes in the same place?

No. Registration for most classes can be done through the Registration Office at City Hall. However, the exceptions are as follows: Registration for the Adventure Camp is done through the La Cienega Community Center.
FAQ - How do I get permission to use the Beverly Hills shield?

The Beverly Hills shield is a registered trade mark. All businesses and organizations wishing to use the shield image in any form must seek written licensing approval before using the image. All shield licensing matters are handled by the City Manag
FAQ - How do I obtain a parade, assembly, or amplified sound permit?

Parade or assembly permits are issued by the Police Department's Emergency Service Bureau. Contact Lt. Timothy West at 310.285.2175 to discuss the application for these permits
FAQ - Can I enroll in an adult class if I am under 18?

No, you must meet the age requirement.
FAQ - Is romex wire allowed to be installed in single family residential homes?

Yes, romex wire is allowed to be installed in single family residential homes when installed in accordance with the California Electrical Code. Romex wire was previously outlawed in Beverly Hills for construction work that occurred prior to January 2
FAQ - How can I file a complaint with the Office of Human Services and what is the procedure?

People wishing to file a complaint should contact the Office to set up an appointment with the Administrator of Human Services who will guide the complainant through the process. Upon receipt of a complaint, the Administrator may arrange and facilita
FAQ - How do I arrange a proclamation, letter or certificate from the mayor?

Please submit requests in writing by fax: (310) 275-8159, mail: 455 N. Rexford Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90210 or email: mayorandcitycouncil@beverlyhills.org at least two weeks before you need them. Please note that not all requests are granted. All r
FAQ - Who do I contact for large outdoor events in the Parks?

If you know the location you would like to hold your event at, you would call that location. For special events, please call the Film Permits Office. If you would like general information about facilities in general, you would call the Registration O
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