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FAQ - How do I go about getting a business license in Beverly Hills?

Information on the requirements and process for getting a business license in Beverly Hills can be found on the City's website at http://www.beverlyhills.org/business/businesstaxlicense/
FAQ - How can I find out about interning for the City of Beverly Hills?

Call Human Resources at (310) 285-1075.
FAQ - How do I get on your list of potential vendors?

Complete the online form located at http://apps.beverlyhills.org/internetApps/BevyBoard_Item.jsp?TOPICID=63&ACTION=ADD&VIEW=WWW
FAQ - How do I close my business tax account?

A request to close an account must be submitted to the Business Tax Division in writing. Requests can be submitted via the online form at blweb.beverlyhills.org, emailed to businesstax@beverlyhills.org, or faxed to (310) 285-2441.
FAQ - Can I pay my business taxes over the phone?

Yes you can. Please contact the Business Tax Customer Services at (310) 285-2424.
FAQ - How do I get a copy / duplicate of my business certificate?

A copy of your business tax certificate can be emailed or mailed to you by submitting a request to the Business Tax Division via email at businesstax@beverlyhills.org or by phone at (310) 285-2424.
FAQ - How do I obtain a marriage license in Beverly Hills?

The City does not issue marriage licenses. Licenses may be obtained from the Beverly Hills Branch of the Los Angeles Superior Court Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 12pm AND 1:30pm - 4pm. The telephone number is (310) 288-1261. For more infor
FAQ - Is romex wire allowed to be installed in single family residential homes?

Yes, romex wire is allowed to be installed in single family residential homes when installed in accordance with the California Electrical Code. Romex wire was previously outlawed in Beverly Hills for construction work that occurred prior to January 2
FAQ - What utility services does the City of Beverly Hills provide?

Solid Waste, Water, Wastwater and Stormwater are the utility services provided by the City's Public Works Department. Gas, electricity, cable TV and telephone are provided by private companies. Please refer to the following webpage for more infor
FAQ - How much does it cost to park at a City parking structure?

Parking rates vary per location. Download the Parking Facility Information Sheet on the following webpage for more details: http://www.beverlyhills.org/citygovernment/parkingservices/cityparkingstructures/
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