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FAQ - Is romex wire allowed to be installed in single family residential homes?

Yes, romex wire is allowed to be installed in single family residential homes when installed in accordance with the California Electrical Code. Romex wire was previously outlawed in Beverly Hills for construction work that occurred prior to January 2
FAQ - What utility services does the City of Beverly Hills provide?

Solid Waste, Water, Wastwater and Stormwater are the utility services provided by the City's Public Works Department. Gas, electricity, cable TV and telephone are provided by private companies. Please refer to the following webpage for more infor
FAQ - How much does it cost to park at a City parking structure?

Parking rates vary per location. Download the Parking Facility Information Sheet on the following webpage for more details: http://www.beverlyhills.org/citygovernment/parkingservices/cityparkingstructures/
FAQ - Are there Electric Vehicle charging stations at City parking structures?

Yes, the City provides EV charging stations at all City non-metered structures. Download the Parking Structures Guide from the following webpage for more details: http://www.beverlyhills.org/citygovernment/parkingservices/cityparkingstructures/
FAQ - How do I obtain daytime and overnight parking exemptions?

Contact the Exemption Line at (310)285-2548 8AM-9PM, daily.
FAQ - I am tearing down an old house before starting my new one. Do I need a permit?

Yes--you will need a permit to demolish your old building.
FAQ - Can I submit plans for architectural review concurrent with the Building and Safety plan check process?

You may, but it is not advisable to do so until the planning department has approved the project. Any conditions or denials by the department might result in the project being revised, causing you to resubmit for plan check again. Note that before a
FAQ - How close to the property line can my addition be on a single-family residential property?

Any addition to a single family residence needs to be in conformance with the required setbacks specified for the particular area in the municipal code of the City of Beverly Hills. Furthermore, all additions need to maintain a minimum of six feet se
FAQ - I own an R-4 lot; can you tell me how many units I can build my property?

For lots less than 60 feet, one unit per 1300 square feet; for lot widths between 60 and 120 feet, one unit per 1100 square feet; and for lots over 120 feet wide one unit per 900 square feet of site area may be constructed. Please consult with planni
FAQ - What types of signs are allowed in the City of Beverly Hills and how big of a sign can I have?

Business identification signs that display the name and logo of a business at the site are allowed. These signs could be a window or wall-mounted, ground-mounted, awning or marquee sign. One business identification sign of less than two square feet
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