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FAQ - What is the address of the trolley starting location (for "mapquest" entry)?

The trolley depot is located in front of the Louis Vuitton store, which is at 295 N. Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.
FAQ - What utility services does the City of Beverly Hills provide?

Solid Waste, Water, Wastwater and Stormwater are the utility services provided by the City's Public Works Department. Gas, electricity, cable TV and telephone are provided by private companies. Please refer to the following webpage for more infor
FAQ - Where do I pick up my kinder child after classes?

In the school cafeteria.
FAQ - Does the City provide transportation assistance or taxi coupons for the elderly?

We do not sell taxi coupons. Taxi coupons may be purchased by calling 310.981.9318. Beverly Hills Taxi Coupon Program is for Beverly Hills residents onlyseniors 65 or older, or individuals with certain disabilities (Beverly Hills residents only). I
FAQ - How can I find out about interning for the City of Beverly Hills?

Call Human Resources at (310) 285-1075.
FAQ - What are the differences between a planning permit and a building permit?

The purpose of a building permit is to ensure that new structures are structurally sound and safe for human habitation. Building permits are ministerial in nature meaning that so long as the proposal complies with the Building Code a permit will be i
FAQ - How do I obtain a permit to conduct a fundraising event or activity?

Solicitations permits are issued by the Charitable Solicitations Commission. Contact Erick Lee at 310.285.2102 to discuss the application for this permit.
FAQ - How many meetings are there in the Team Beverly Hills program?

Team BH participants are asked to attend 10 sessions (weeknights and/or weekend days) over a period of approximately 6 months (normally September through February). Each class/session is approximately 3 hours. The last session includes a "graduatio
FAQ - Can I register my child if he or she is not grade appropriate for any classes?

No, untill it has been cleared by the instructor first. Please contact the Registration Office at (310) 285-6850
FAQ - Who do I speak with if I would like to have my wedding and/or special event at Greystone Park?

Barbara Rosenman in the Greystone office coordinates all wedding events at Greystone. Her direct line is 310.285.6834 and is available Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can also view wedding and special event fees at the following link: Wedding
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