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FAQ - Does the City allow street closures for filming activity?

Police Officers may conduct intermittent traffic control and divert traffic when necessary, but the street may not be closed for an extended length of time.
FAQ - What are the costs and proceedures for wedding photography in Greystone Park or Will Rogers Park?

A permit is required for wedding photography without a ceremony or reception and may booked up to 2 weeks in advance. Please call Greystone Gatehouse for a wedding photography application at (310) 285-6830 or for more information click on the link b
FAQ - How do I go about drawing up an escape plan for my home/business?

The four basic steps to draw up an escape plan for your home includes: 1. Draw a floor-plan of your home; 2. Agree on a meeting place; 3. Practice your escape plan; and 4. Make your exit drill realistic. You can also refer to http://www.sur
FAQ - Can I sign up my child if afterschool classes have already started?

Yes, as long as the class still has availability. Please contact the Registration Office at (310) 285-6850 if the class is still open. You will be required to fax or email a registration form. Fax to: 310.274.9571 or email to: bhreg@beverlyhills.org
FAQ - What rooms do you offer for events at La Cienega Community Center?

Meeting room - capacity 45 - 50 people Dance room - capacity 45 - 50 people Auditorium - capacity 90 - 95 people
FAQ - What types of signs are allowed in the City of Beverly Hills and how big of a sign can I have?

Business identification signs that display the name and logo of a business at the site are allowed. These signs could be a window or wall-mounted, ground-mounted, awning or marquee sign. One business identification sign of less than two square feet
FAQ - I want to drain out the water in my pool, can I drain it out directly to the street?

Draining the pool is currently permitted providing that there is no chlorine in the water. Generally, 4 or 5 days after chlorination, it is okay.
FAQ - How many picnic tables are there in each of the parks? And how many picnic tables can be reserved by a single party?

Coldwater Canyon Park has four picnic tables total. La Cienega Park has four picnic tables total. Roxbury Park has 22 picnic tables total. You may reserve up to two picnic tables at Coldwater Canyon Park; up to four picnic tables at La Cienega
FAQ - How do I find out what is going on at Roxbury Park on a daily basis?

Roxbury Senior Center is open M-F from 7:30 am - 5:00pm. For more information about programs and services call (310) 550-4761. Or click on the following link to look at our calendar: Senior Adult Activity Schedule.
FAQ - How close to the property line can my addition be on a single-family residential property?

Any addition to a single family residence needs to be in conformance with the required setbacks specified for the particular area in the municipal code of the City of Beverly Hills. Furthermore, all additions need to maintain a minimum of six feet se
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