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Agenda Report - Autonomous Vehicles

the City’s vision for AVs. These materials will be helpful as the City works to establish partnerships with manufacturers and others working in the AV arena. The materials will also be useful as part of our outreach program which anticipates various
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Notes - April 4, 2016

permits – no parking rather than 1-hour, which may impact the nearby merchants. Neighbors on South Crescent Drive are asking for changes to help with cut-through traffic. A taxi franchise meeting was held; drivers want dual permitting with Los
Health and Safety Commission Meeting Minutes - February 22, 2016

to Commissioners, including evaluating home security systems, be vigilant and mindful of surroundings, and communication with family and neighbors. Commissioners thanked him for attending and offering helpful advice. 3. Dangerstoppers Sgt. Haefs proposed
Beverly Hills Electric Fountain Unveiling

of Commerce Advisory Board when it was established in 1923. He helped promote the economic, commercial, industrial, civic and social welfare of the people of the city of Beverly Hills. About the Tongva Native American Indian Tribe The Tongva Native
9900 Wilshire (One Beverly Hills) Draft SEIR

of the CEQA Guidelines. Less than Significant with Mitigation Incorporated: An impact that can be reduced to below the threshold level given reasonably available and feasible mitigation measures. Such an impact requires findings under §15091 of the CEQA
CAFR 2011

4 and providing value for dollars. Departments were able to evaluate program costs and effectiveness, and make recommendations based on this information. With narratives and financial figures for each service, the City’s program-based format helped
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9987--CAFR 2011.pdf
Water Efficient Landscaping

in Very High Fire Hazard Security Zone. Invasive species are prohibited near parks, buffers, greenbelts, and open spaces. Architectural guidelines of common interest developments can’t prohibit use of low water-use plants. Turf not allowed
RFP Document

at 4:00 p.m. (Pacific Standard Time) Evaluation Period: November 3, 2014 – November 5, 2014 3 B0785-0001\1756635v1.doc TABLE OF CONTENTS Section 1: Minimum Qualifications Section 2: Guidelines and General Information Section 3: Insurance
Staff Report 7-2-2013

for the two pilot bikeways was projected at $80,000 based on Caltrans guidelines and costs of construction by other municipalities. By incorporating the bike project with the annual Street Resurfacing CIP, the final project cost is $33,000, a 58°c savings.
1-08-14 Minutes

THE COMMISSION • Commissioner Greer expressed interest in an update on Historic Preservation Incentives. • Commissioner Furie requested clarification from Assistant City Attorney Dave Snow regarding guidelines for Commission when requesting to nominate
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