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8 Residential On-Site Posted Notice Pg. 9 Newspaper Notice Pg. 11 Additional Noticing Pg. 12 Other Rules and Regulations Pg. 13 Additional Resources Pg. 14 PUBLIC NOTICING REQUIREMENTS Public noticing helps to ensure
Beverly Hills In Focus May 2016

Coming Soon: A Community Park Fit for Top Dogs Help build a dog park that will make our four-legged friends proud Late this summer, our furry friends will have a place to run free in Beverly Hills. That’s when the half- acre, off-leash Beverly
Consumer Confidence Report 2015

small amount of fluoride ions. This additive helps prevent tooth decays. The fluoride concentration in your water ranges from 0.6 to 1.2 mg/L. • Your average water hardness is approximately 300 mg/L or 17.5 grains/gallons. In order to ensure
Sustainable City Plan

in whole, or in part to help address sustainability issues. The Sustainable City Plan does not direct the implementation of any specific actions, but provides a list of potential programs and the foundation on which the City can build a unified
2013 Consultant Submission - Historic Resources Group

these efforts for a variety of municipal clients, including several projects in Beverly Hills, and a three- year public outreach program for the citywide survey for the City of Los Angeles (SurveyLA) which helped to promote the survey and gather valuable
City of Beverly Hills Economic Sustainability Plan 2011-2015

and a set of measures to help the city track its progress going forward. 1 ExEcutivE Summary executive Summary Foster a vibrant, sustainable economy, and stimulate sufficient City revenue to maintain the character and quality
Consumer Confidence Report 2013

is conservation so important in our region? It gives customers ways to lower their utility bills. It helps make the water system more reliable by reducing waste and leaving water available for when it’s needed most. And, conserving water means that we’ll have
Legislative/Lobby Liaison Committee Meeting Agenda & Materials 04-07-16

state can get things done and help people get ahead. https://www.yahoo.com/news/california-york-poised-raise-minimum-wage-15-044101837--finance.html But Republicans echoed fears from business owners and economists that California’s annual increases
Beverly Hills In Focus - August 2008

– offer 24/7 access via the Library’s website. Employee Spotlight - Toby Omens 4 All in a day’s work: For more than three decades, Beverly Hills families have turned to Toby to help them choose reading materials. She enjoys a close personal
Beverly Hills In Focus - October 2008

for 6th-through 12th-graders, this hangout features a large-screen TV, gaming systems, computers and DVD player. Beverly Hills Students in Grades 7 through 10 are also encouraged to apply for positions on the Teen Advisory Committee, a group that helps
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