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Health and Safety Commission Minutes - April 28, 2014

involvement. The initiative and programs being featured fit well in the Commission’s Healthy Living focus for the year. Staff discussed ways that the Commission can be involved with the Mayor’s programs and activities through the Commission’s work plan items
September 2014 Synopsis

those who live and work in Beverly Hills. IV. Requests within Normal Filing Period – Items are 501(c)(3) organizations MOVED by Fischer, SECONDED by Schreiber to approve these permits (5/0) Ayes: Schreiber, Platt, Roston, Fischer and Raffel Noes: None
9-11-14 PC Synopsis

located within the required side and rear yard setbacks and to allow complete independent living facilities within the accessory structure located on a property in the Central Area of the City, North of Santa Monica Boulevard. Pursuant
2006-07 3rd Quarter Status Report

I O VER VIEW C I T Y O F B E V E R L Y H I L L S S U M M A R Y O F A C C O M P L I S H M E N T S May 29, 2007 Honorable Mayor, City Council and Citizens of Beverly Hills: It is my pleasure to present to you Volume 3 of the quar
2006-07 2nd Quarter Status Report

February 20, 2007 Honorable Mayor, City Council and Citizens of Beverly Hills: It is my pleasure to present to you Volume 2 of the quarterly report for the current fiscal year for the period of October 1 through December 31, 2006. Th
IFB C1056 Appendix C (Amd 3) - COBH Tech Spec for DI Pipe

and equipment shall be installed in accordance with printed recommendations of the manufacturer that have been reviewed by the City Engineer. The installation shall be accomplished by workmen skilled in this type of work
Bid- Western Waterproofing

of said Attorney, pursuant to the authority hereby given, are hereby ratified and confirmed. This Power of Attorney is made and executed pursuant to and by authority of the By-Law printed on the reverse hereof, duly adopted, as indicated,
Bid Package

or Deviations attached ___YES ___NO Delivery (Number of Days) Company Name Telephone Address Person submitting bid Print Name Title
Bid Document

Address Person submitting bid Print Name Title
Trousdale Estates Interim Construction Measures

to the Trousdale Estates area. A printed copy of the dated approval email, vehicle certification decal and Inspection report is required to be with the operator, and furnished upon request. Important contact information: Trousdale Email
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