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EOP 2013 Logistics Section Supporting Materials

EMPLOYEE RESPONSIBILITY The citizens of Beverly Hills rely on City government for leadership and assistance in the event of a disaster. In response to such occurrences, it is imperative that all City employees be available to assist in this type
Karasik House Historic Assessment Report

the property for National Register listing.) A Property is associated with events that have made a significant contribution to the broad patterns of our history. B Property is associated with the lives of persons significant in our past.
City of Beverly Hills Economic Sustainability Plan 2011-2015

the City implements clientele marketing and business attraction initiatives, it will coordinate its message with the “ living the dream” brand ▘As the City reviews and develops its cultural event initiatives it will strive to ensure
BHPD Monthly Report January 2013

EVENTS The Automated License Plate Reader on La Cienega Blvd alerted officers to a stolen vehicle at 0635 hours. The suspect was subsequently taken into custody without incident. 01/05/2013 A vandalism suspect was pursued by officers on foot
10-08-2015 Meeting Minutes

on school conservation programs, outreach to businesses, developing a water advocate event to identify community membersinterestedin disseminatingconservationinformationandworkingwith Cook+Schmidto develop a conservationmicrosite and general content
Monthly Report - July 2015

IN PROGRESS TO FULLY INTEGRATE WITH SWAT. SHOULD BE COMPLETED BY END OF FISCAL YEAR. Page 4 of 5 SIGNIFICANT EVENTS During the day, approximately twenty five member of the group PETA were peacefully protesting in the 400 block of N. Rodeo Dr. This event
10-08-15 Meeting Minutes

developing a water advocate event to identify community membersinterestedin disseminatingconservationinformationandworkingwith Cook+Schmidto develop a conservationmicrosite and general content for commercial toolkits. Staff attended various eventsto
FY2014-15 Department Pages - Proposed

automated City Council agenda management system continuing from last fiscal year. (SP, EnS) 4809201 Continue Granicus training to utilize the live streaming video system that enables digital recording of City Council meetings so the public has access
Draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan

Rationing stages may be triggered by a shortage in one source or a combination of sources, and shortages may trigger a stage at any time. In the event of a shortage, the City Manager will declare the appropriate water conservation stage by resolution.
Fire & Life Safety Inspections

I place the fire extinguisher under a cash register, under a counter, or in a closet? A: No. Fire extinguishers shall be conspicuously located along normal paths of travel where they will be readily accessible and immediately available in the event
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