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905 Loma Vista Dr.

the estate to industrialist Henry Crown from Chicago, who never lived in the mansion. In 1965, the property was acquired by the City of Beverly Hills as a city park. (see continuation sheet) Locational sketch map (draw and label site and surrounding
610 Beverly Dr., N.

until the sixties, producer, director and screenwriter Hal Roach lived at 610 N. Beverly Drive. Among Roach’s contributions to film history are many Harold Lloyd features, Laurel and Hardy and the Our Gang comedies. Intact, the residence appears
One Book One City

as vividly and accurately as possible. He lives near Seattle. “Our goal is to promote positive human relations in all aspects of community life. Through this shared reading experience we hope to generate thoughtful dialog and foster respect
Supplemental Accessibility No. 3 Plan Review Checklist

shall be made accessible. (1105B.3.5.4) F. PUBLIC UTILITY FACILITIES NOTE: Facilities located in operational areas which would not have any reasonable availability to or usage by persons who use wheelchairs for mobility are not subject
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5169--2008 LARUCP Plan Review List - Supplemental Accessibility No 3 v1.0.pdf
BID TAB 10-4-11

951 600 1,800 560 1,680 1,000 3,000 616 1,848 28 DISCONNECT AND REMOVE ONE UTILITY POWER PEDESTAL AND CONCRETE PAD EA
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9537--BID TAB_Bid 12-11_10-4-11.pdf
Construction Means & Method Plan Form

the impacts of noise, dust, vibrations, utility shut-offs, and other construction impacts on tenants. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Construction Means & Method Plan Form

the impacts of noise, dust, vibrations, utility shut-offs, and other construction impacts on tenants. ______________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________
Request for Proposal

obstructions that could impair locating the hydrant or interfere with its use. 1. Minor obstructions such as weed growth or wild plant growth should be trimmed to provide clear access to the hydrant. 2. Obstructions caused by utilities, landscaping
Addendum #1

measures, apparatus and services required to prosecute the Work of this bid package while maintaining legal egress for pedestrians and safe drive access for motorists. 3.6 All utility service and building system connections or required interruptions
Roxbury Views Spring 2014

Recognition Award” By Jane Winston Domar Pictured left to right: Tim Duerr, Nik Orr, Mary Grey, Chris Best, Laura Briceno, Sandra Robledo, Adriana Esparza, and Isabel Millan. (photo by: Jane Winston-Doman) He is a 3rd generation Californian and has lived
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