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CAFR 2009

downturn of the early 90’s and the terrorist events of September 2001. From FY 90/91 through FY 92/93 sales tax revenue declined at the rate of about 6.3% in each of the years. In FY 93/94 sales tax revenues began responding to local economic
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6392--CAFR 2009.pdf
Entertainment Business District Draft EIR

of buried incinerated materials; and research as to the possible presence of septic tanks and leach fields. In the event that hazardous materials which have the potential to result in a significant hazard to the public or environment
CAFR 2013

CITY of BEVERLY HILLS STATE of CALIFORNIA COMPREHENSIVE ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORT Year Ended June 30, 2013 Prepared by the Staff of the Administrative Services Department Under the Direction of Don Rhoads, Director of Administrative Services,
CAFR 2007

revenue responds much faster to changing economic conditions than property tax. As the accompanying chart shows, sales tax revenue responded almost immediately to the economic downturn of the early 90’s and the terrorist events of September 2001.
Draft 2014-2021 Housing Element

regional conferences, symposiums, and affordable housing related events such as: the Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing annual conference. The City will select a non-profit developer to develop an affordable housing project,
2009-10 1st Quarter Budget Status Report - Volume II

and in the business triangle. Completed requirements for Unite (CCTV, Event) applications and completed 50% code development for Unite (CCTV and Event) applications. MILESTONES AND CURRENT PROJECT SCHEDULE Milestones and Tasks Start Finish 09Q3 09Q4 10Q1 10Q2
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6188--FY 09-10 1st Qtr CIP Report.pdf

SPECIFICATIONS City of Beverly Hills - Police Facility - Large Vehicle Storage Bldg. 464 N. REXFORD DRIVE BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA AUGUST 30, 2013 RTK PROJECT NO. 11-05005 Prepared by: RTK
Attachment I : Section 5- Scope of Work

acceptance. C. Warranty Operations – AV Contractor shall provide the Owner with a telephone number, which during both normal working hours and during non-standard working hours, will be answered by a professional telephone answering service. In the event
New Beverly Hills Business Directory Map

Makeup/Lessons/Brows Champs Elysees 435-3262 275 S. Robertson Blvd. L7 Fine Catering & Special Events CHI Nail Bar & Organic Spa 858-8803 9390 S. SM Blvd. E2 Nail Bar & Organic Spa Dr. Goodman 860-9311 241 1/2 S. Beverly Dr. H2 Cosmetic & Advanced General Dentistry
CAFR 2003

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