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Greystone Rehab - Front End Specifications

for wages of workers performing the extra work at the time the extra work is done, plus the employer payments of payroll taxes, health and welfare, pension, vacation, apprenticeship funds, and other direct costs, resulting from Federal, State, or local laws,
Beverly Hilton Final EIR Alternative Variations

project based upon analyses provided in the Draft EIR and to the Planning Commission on November 1, 2007. Where the project alternative would be environmentally superior (result in fewer impacts) to the proposed project, a plus (+) symbol is shown; where
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2715--5_0 Alternative Variations.pdf
2016 Summer Camp Brochure

Department. Discounted registration fees for attendees, plus stage performances, demonstrations, and information booths on camps, classes, Library Services, Human Services, the Park Ranger program and more. Pony rides and petting zoo available for a nominal
RFP Document

franchise period, it is anticipated that the fee structure will be at least the following: $5,000 plus $220 per vehicle In the event a franchisee adds to its total number of vehicles or drivers during a franchise period, the added franchise fee per
Potential Affordable Housing Sites

2 Typical Multi-family lots are 55’-60’ in width. So a project site less than 60’ in width is a single lot, a project site between 60’ and 120’ is a two lot site, and project sites greater than 120’ are three- plus lot sites. City of Beverly Hills
Greystone Rehab Appendices A-D

for eight-hour exposure, plus Lower Explosive Limit must be strictly adhered to. If coatings contain lead or Page 12 other hazardous materials, all regulations related to safety of personnel and handling of such materials shall be strictly adhered to. H.
North Santa Monica Boulevard Bid Addendum No. 3

(2 west, 1 east) will take 33 feet plus 1 foot between edge of lane and edge of excavation, leaving 24 feet for construction, even though you are widening the road slightly this will not provide enough room to switch traffic from C1 to D1.
Specifications (1 of 2)

same proportion of sand and cement provided in concrete plus a maximum of 50 percent of coarse aggregate shall be placed to a depth of at least one inch on horizontal joints. Vertical joints shall be wetted and coated with a neat cement grout
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9568--Specs 1.pdf

0 -t m o (1 - I 0 m m m - l C , z o - m - < C v i 0 m 0 I - I, 0 m , , m m m m 0 Z Q m v i - I U (I , z 0 Z z 0 0 p TABLE OF CONTENTS Page CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION .1 ARTICLE 1 INTEGRATION 1 ARTICLE 2 TERM 1 CHAPTER 2 CO
Bid Documents

Flooring – Black Vinyl with insulation Seats Bostrom T910 High-back Air Suspension Driver‟s and Passenger‟s Seat Black Cordura Plus Cloth Seat Covers Dual Seat Armrests Three-point High Visibility Orange fixed D-ring retractor
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