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Greystone Rehab Appendices A-D

, INC. (REV. BY COBH) TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS GREYSTONE RESERVOIR CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS, CA (revised by COBH) CCSSII SSeerrvviicceess,, IInncc.. PP..OO.. BBooxx 880011335577 SSaannttaa CCllaarriittaa,, CCAA 9911338800 887777..227744..22442222
Legislative Advocate Registration Form

Legislative Advocate Registration Homepage The City of Beverly Hills Municipal Code (BHMC) states that any paid Legislative Advocate that engages in communication with the City must fill out a form for that purpose. In April of 2014,
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[CONTENT NEEDED] IN CASE OF EMERGENCY DIAL 911 Metro WSE contact information COBH complaint line / email Stay up to date with Purple Line construction alerts: Look for "Stay Connected" and add your email address to receive updates. Metro
Greystone Rehab - Front End Specifications

for Coatings by CSI Services, Inc. (rev. by COBH) APPENDIX D – Report by Canon – Specifications for Concrete Repair APPENDIX E – As-builts for Greystone Reservoir APPENDIX F – Technical Specifications for Steel Doors and Frames, Analyzers, and PLC APPENDIX
Operations Manager Named for City's Ambassador Service Program

of ambassadors to work in partnership with the City’s Human Services department, police and other departments. Their focus will be in the City’s downtown core serving residents, merchants and visitors. The ambassadors will connect individuals with social
Bid 13-17 Reference Documents

blocks & patch cables (every connection introduces losses)  Make sure connectors are properly terminated. The higher quality shielded cables require more intricate terminations  When it is impractical to avoid bundling cables or running them near
Water Enterprise Plan Report

includes ten active reservoirs located within thirteen pressure zones. Approximately 90 percent of Beverly Hills’ water supply comes from two connections off of MWD’s 54-inch diameter supply pipeline, which is typically fed from the Santa Monica Feeder

The Contractor shall provide the City a copy of the office calculations and documents submitted to the County for filing in connection with the aforementioned work. The payment for surveying, related professional services, office calculation, and furnishing all
Power Outages

Southern California Edison- Homepage Southern California Edison- Outage Center
C1056 AUR La Cienega - Specs (Amd 5)

Line “A” is put in service (SS Line “A” is crossing the existing SD line at the same elevation). E. Proposed 36” SD line laterals shown on the drawings to be connected from upstream to downstream in order to minimize disruption. F. SS lines
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