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2013-11-07 Blue Ribbon Committee Meeting Notes

Evaluate connection to Burton Way. Bicycles in the corridor are commuters, feel very unsafe. Frequent biker feels unsafe, 5th option is bad, green space should be sacrificed to do this right. Green space is sacred. Bicycles are overrepresented
Health and Safety Commission Minutes - April 28, 2014

current relationships, and identify needs of the community to connect with professional services. The focus would be on seniors’ health and safety and see what resources are available to meet their needs. The Commission and Human Services would reach out
Animal Art! in the May 2015 Art Show

no reveal themselves through the use of words or explanations, but are divulged through subtle instinct. My drawings are an attempt to connect those hidden places in myself to the equally hidden places in the viewer, to somehow create a span
03-12-15 Meeting Synopsis

to grants; and To review the portion of the Water Enterprise Plan that allows the City to sell more water than it has without 3 charging for it. Mr. Chavez stated revenue for water connection fees go into the water fund for future capacity.
Additions to Historic Properties

 It is not appropriate to construct an addition that significantly changes the proportion of the  built mass to open space on the individual site.   If an addition must be taller than the original building, set it back substantially from primary  character‐defining features and  connect
SB-272 Enterprise Software Catalog

• WebPac Pro • Administration Community Services/Library Daily Daily 7 Pharos Innovative Scan Library Card to use city owned PC or pay to get the guest card Library Card barcode connected to Millennium DB
California Solar Photovoltaic Guidebook

to request permission to connect the solar installation to the local distribution grid. The solar PV system cannot be “turned on” until approval is granted by both the local agency and the local utility. Solar water heating systems do not require utility
Tab 11 - FPPC Campaign Disclosure Manual 2 (Revised 2007)

are encouraged to become familiar with all of the disclosure requirements and FPPC forms. However, many local candidates and committees raise and spend money only in connection with a particular election and then terminate their filing obligations.

that requires service connections such as wiring or piping. 11. Exposed means not installed underground or concealed as defined above. 12. Exterior means a space that does not meet the definition for "interior" below. 13. Fabricated means items specifically

with operational parts, whether motorized or manually operated, that requires service connections such as wiring or piping. 11. Exposed means not installed underground or concealed as defined above. BEVERLY HILLS CIVIC CENTER CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS, CA FOLLIS
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