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Mayors Cabinet Meeting Highlights- August 27, 2014

The commission is discussing ways to enforce the new rules. The commission has asked staff to find ways the City can lead by example, i.e. reduce water use, fix leaks, etc. They will be recommending new water and sewage connection fees for new projects
October 16, 2014 Fine Art Commission Regular Meeting

will focus solely on the visual arts, highlighting the Public Art Collection. The Palmers plan to interview many people in connection with the Fine Art Commission, capture lots of visuals, and hopefully include some teaching moments about what goes
Bid 14-25: Heath Avenue Notice to Bidders

imposes responsibility upon the Contractor for the maintenance, certification, and availability for inspection of such records for all persons employed by the Contractor or by the Subcontractors in connection with the project. The Contractor shall agree
Southeast in Motion First Meeting Summary

and lunch places throughout the Southeast Theaters are spread out, district maybe doesn’t make much sense Vi sio ni ng Participants were asked to complete the phrase:  Have timed traffic lights More traffic bumps/more monitoring Have a grocery store Be one with west BH connections
03-12-15 Meeting Minutes

without charging for it. Mr. Chavez stated revenue for water connection fees go into the water fund for future capacity. 7. Discussionof Future Agenda Items and Areas of Priority - None. 6. Capita/Improvement Program Projects Under Public Works
09-10-15 Meeting Minutes

for Development Agreements, a "Bella Vista" statement should be included; WSL's requiring additional water should be specified as additional potable water; Future WSL's should come through the PWC to monitor supply and demand; WSL's should be connected to other
TAB 2 - Tory Burch

Board. Connection to a storm drain shall be accomplished in the manner approved by the City Engineer and the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works. No concentrated discharges onto the alley surfaces will be permitted. 19. The Applicant
Beverly Hills In Focus - November 2015

proceedings. By providing additional eyes and ears on the streets, the ambassadors greatly aid the City’s homeless outreach team in identifying homeless individuals to connect them with needed services. The fastest way to contact an ambassador about
9900 Wilshire Blvd Draft EIR

9900 WILSHIRE PROJECT Draft Environmental Impact Report Volume I August 2007 Prepared by: Prepared for: I M P A C T S C I E N C E S , I N C . 234 East Colorado Boulevard, Suite 205 Pasadena, California 91101 The City of Beverly Hills Communit
Proposed Annual Budget for Fiscal Year 2012/13

Scot W City tt G. Miller, N Don H William Cas Lucy G Carolyn y of B Propos Ph.D., Direc Noel Marqui Harrison, Bu strillon, Seni Gonzalez, Bu n Johnson, B City o 455 Nor Beverly Hil Beverl sed
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