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IFB C1056 Amendment No 3 Cover Letter - 4-3-14

Number: IFB No. C1056 _________________________________________________________________________ In accordance with Instructions to Bidders ( Pro Form 009) Article IB-06 entitled, "AMENDMENT," we hereby issue Amendment No. 03 as indicated below.
Housing Element Appendix D

Ap (2 A. 1 2 B. H The pro the im an to ob rev ad ap rep Ne the fol 200 the ppendix 2006-201 Housing Pro 1. Multi-Fam 2. Single-Fa Housing Pro e City of ograms in th e commun portant ste d address i report
IFB C1056 - WSE Project - Advanced Utility Relocations (La Cienega Station) FINAL

METRO IFB NO. C1056 1-1 LOI - IFB PRO FORM 027 REVISION DATE: 03.01.10 LETTER OF INVITATION FOR BID February 21, 2014 ATTENTION: Prospective Bidder SUBJECT: INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) FOR IFB NO. C1056, Westside Subway Extension Project - Advanced
Human Relations Commission Liaison Committee Meeting Agenda and Materials 03-14-16

either aforementioned policies at this time. (Continued) 3 Policy Details A. Rental Registry Program Elements: 1. Pro-active enforcement and scheduled inspections a. Via Code Enforcement in partnership with landlords and tenants b. Via municipal
Tab 3 - 2015 Candidate's Guidelines

"Speaker of the California State Assembly," "President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate," "City of Orange Mayor Pro Tem," and the like, are not elective offices described in Elections Code § 13107, subdivision (a)(1). Such ballot designations
C1056 La Cienega Drawings Amend3 24x36

N E \ \ \ \ \ S TA .\ \ \ \ \ 2 7+ 50 \ \ \ S E E \ \ \ S H E E T\ 5 3H A M I L T O N D R I V E WILSHIRE\ BOULEVARD-NORTH FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\ S OUT H\ P LAN\ & PRO FILE \ SEE \ \ SH EET\ 58 FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\
C1056 La Cienega Drawings Amend3 11x17

N E \ \ \ \ \ S TA .\ \ \ \ \ 2 7+ 50 \ \ \ S E E \ \ \ S H E E T\ 5 3H A M I L T O N D R I V E WILSHIRE\ BOULEVARD-NORTH FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\ S OUT H\ P LAN\ & PRO FILE \ SEE \ \ SH EET\ 58 FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\
Beverly Hills in Focus - December 2010

Center with one- hour free parking along the outer boundaries of the business triangle. The City’s existing free parking pro- gram was developed to support the business community, residents and visitors alike. The proposed measure would re- quire
1261 Lago Vista Dr.

into the building. The shorter leg of the “L” pro vides a vertical counterpart and is elevated to a greater height. A similar band of windows appears on its lower story, while taller windows, arranged in clusters and a bay, illuminate the upper story. No other
Beverly Hills In Focus - August 2010

strations from celebrity chefs, tastings from local restaurants and live musical entertainment. A portion of the pro- ceeds will benefit the Beverly Hills Education Foundation (BHEF). To learn more or purchase tickets, visit
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