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Adventure Camp 2015-2016 Flyer

with other in the community.” According to the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP), children who attend afterschool pro- gram do better in school both academically and socially and have a greater sense of self-worth.
Addendum #3

(e.g. pro shop, pool sales)? 1. If yes, how many locations will the Point of Sale service be used (e.g. 3 rec centers, 2 pools)? A. No. Q. Do you use software for creating game schedules? If so, which software product? A. Yes, Team Sideline.
C1056 Amendment 5 24x36 (CHANGED SET) - 4-30-14

N E \ \ \ \ \ S TA .\ \ \ \ \ 2 7+ 50 \ \ \ S E E \ \ \ S H E E T\ 5 3H A M I L T O N D R I V E WILSHIRE\ BOULEVARD-NORTH FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\ S OUT H\ P LAN\ & PRO FILE \ SEE \ \ SH EET\ 59 FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\
C1056 Amendment 5 11x17 (CHANGED SET) - 4-30-14

N E \ \ \ \ \ S TA .\ \ \ \ \ 2 7+ 50 \ \ \ S E E \ \ \ S H E E T\ 5 3H A M I L T O N D R I V E WILSHIRE\ BOULEVARD-NORTH FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\ S OUT H\ P LAN\ & PRO FILE \ SEE \ \ SH EET\ 59 FOR \ LA\ CIEN EGA \ BLV D\
Beverly Hills In Focus - March 2010

quickly to avoid congestion and expedite traffic flow The City is also making significant efforts to mitigate any negative impacts from the construction on local neigh- bors. Special fences will be erected to reduce noise and dust mitigation pro
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6714--InFocus_March10_FINAL (2).pdf
IFB C1056 Amendment No 3 Cover Letter - 4-3-14

Number: IFB No. C1056 _________________________________________________________________________ In accordance with Instructions to Bidders ( Pro Form 009) Article IB-06 entitled, "AMENDMENT," we hereby issue Amendment No. 03 as indicated below.
Youth Sports Classes - Winter 2016

Using a highly successful age appropriate curriculum, correct technique is taught in a fun and realistic way. You will be amazed at how quickly your tiny pro develops basic skills that are the stepping stones of soc- cer. As technique improves,
Housing Element Appendix D

Ap (2 A. 1 2 B. H The pro the im an to ob rev ad ap rep Ne the fol 200 the ppendix 2006-201 Housing Pro 1. Multi-Fam 2. Single-Fa Housing Pro e City of ograms in th e commun portant ste d address i report
IFB C1056 - WSE Project - Advanced Utility Relocations (La Cienega Station) FINAL

METRO IFB NO. C1056 1-1 LOI - IFB PRO FORM 027 REVISION DATE: 03.01.10 LETTER OF INVITATION FOR BID February 21, 2014 ATTENTION: Prospective Bidder SUBJECT: INVITATION FOR BIDS (IFB) FOR IFB NO. C1056, Westside Subway Extension Project - Advanced
Tab 3 - 2015 Candidate's Guidelines

"Speaker of the California State Assembly," "President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate," "City of Orange Mayor Pro Tem," and the like, are not elective offices described in Elections Code § 13107, subdivision (a)(1). Such ballot designations
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