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FAQ - What transportation does the City provide for seniors?

A shuttle service within Beverly Hills and some medical sites in adjacent areas is available to residents of Beverly Hills ages 62 and older or disabled persons of any age. Call 310.275.2791
FAQ - If my neighbor's trees are overhanging my property, whose responsibility is it to trim? Does my neighbor have to pay for trimming on my property?

The City of Beverly Hills has no jurisdiction over the maintenance of private trees unless they are dead and present a hazard to public safety. Please contact the Community Services Administrative Office at 310-285-2537.
Storytime at Woofstock

Storytime at Woofstock Annual pet extravaganza, presented by the City of Beverly Hills' Community Services Department. Woofstock 90210 is an exciting, day-long festival for dogs and their owners.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Storytime at Woofstock
Public Forum on Taxicab Service

Public Forum on Taxicab Service Provide input on the current taxi experience and how to improve. Topics include customer service, and needs for seniors, the disabled and minors.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/event.jsp?eventid=0&title=Public Forum on Taxicab Service
Utility Rates and Fees FY 2015-16

$13,519 Hotel, per room 144 Per room $2,929 Medical Office 278 Per 1,000 sq. ft. $5,633 Office Building 167 Per 1,000 sq. ft. $3,380 Shopping Center 167 Per 1,000 sq. ft. $3,380 Coffee House 333 Per 1,000 sq. ft. $6,759 Restaurant – Full Service 33 Per
Budget Review Committee Report - July 7, 2011

Projections 3. Transient Occupancy Tax 4. City Services, Reduction of 5. City Infrastructure 6. Overtime Pay 7. Layoffs 8. BHUSD’s Budget and City’s Annual Contribution 9. Evaluation of Revenue Assumptions by Community Leaders 10. Building Inspection Fees 11.
CAFR 2006

Pope Director of Community Services Steve Miller Director of Administrative Services/Chief Financial Officer Scott G. Miller, PhD Director of Public Works and Transportation David Gustavson Deputy City Manager/Development David
Local Register of Historic Properties

Office » No.6 Anderton Court » No.7 Karasik House » No.8 The Witch's House » No.9 Waverly Mansion » No.10 Hilton Office Building » No.11 Locke House » No.12 Beverly Hills City Hall » No.13 Fox Wilshire-Saban Theatre » No.14
FAQ - What does a complete set of plans include for new buildings and additions?

of the building
FAQ - Do I need a permit to have a party at my home?

The City does not issue permits for parties at private homes. You will need a permit for valet parking (Contact the Transportation Dept. 310-285-2500), tents (Fire Dept. 310-281-2703) and a generator ( Building & Safety 310-285-1141).
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