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Appendix C- Sample Agreement

Non-payment of franchise fees is grounds for immediate termination of the Agreement. Section 5. Scope of Franchised Services. Franchisee shall have the right, utilizing its own employees and contractors, to provide taxicab services to customers originating
Beverly Hills In Focus - July 2009

than $18 million, while maintaining Beverly Hills’ renowned quality of service is not an easy goal. Thanks to community input and collaboration, however, the 2009-2010 fiscal year municipal budget is a balanced one that manages to preserve
TAB 4 - Conflict of Interest Code

officer’s agency has direction and control. (B) No public official who is exempt from the state civil service system pursuant to subdivisions (c), (d), (e), (1), and (g) of Section 4 ofArticle VII of the Constitution shall, while he or she holds office,
Mills Act Application Process

interested in the Mills Act should schedule a pre-application review meeting with City staff. The purpose of the pre-application review meeting is to confirm that the property qualifies for the program and to ensure that the application submittal
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 9: LEGISLATIVE ADVOCATES Article 1. Compensated Legislative Advocates 1-9-102: Definitions

legislation by any means, including, without limitation, providing or generating political contacts, presenting information, statistical analyses or studies. CITY OFFICIAL: The mayor, any member of the city council and any member of the planning commission,
Beverly Hills Names Mahdi Aluzri Assistant City Manager, Economic Sustainability

years with the City of Beverly Hills, joining the City in 1989 as plan check supervisor. He was promoted to deputy director and director of the Planning Department, and was named Director of Community Development in 2002. Prior to working
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/4800--Mahdi Aluzri FINAL.pdf
12-04-14 TPC Synopsis

The minutes were approved as presented. (Return to order) 1. Police Department Report  Sergeant Dowling provided an update on the Police Department Report. 3. Planning Division Quarterly Report  Senior Planner Ryan Gohlich provided
12-04-14 TPC Minutes

of the November 6, 2014 Traffic & Parking Commission regular meeting minutes. Motion: Action: (Return to order) 1. Police Department Report • Sergeant Dowling provided an update on the Police Department Report. 3. Planning Division Quarterly Report • Senior
Health and Safety Commission Meeting Minutes - December 14, 2015

of Chair’s Focus Area Topics, Areas of interest, and Work Plan Initiatives Discussion of the Commission’s topics, areas of interest, and potential work plan initiatives. The Commission approved Be Aware! Be Aware! Be Aware! as the Area of Focus with Area
Next Beverly Liaison Committee Meeting Highlights 02-23-16

businesses, specifically S. Beverly Drive restaurants and encourage them to host food booths.  Integrate Beverly Hills-based restaurants as much as possible and supplement with select food trucks.  Develop a plan to maintain access to City parking
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