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309 Bedford Dr., S.

ORIGINAL OWNER: Burgbacherj M. &Sons ARCHITECT: Burgbacher; M. & Sons BUILDER: Burgbacher; M. & Sons DESCRIPTION: 309 Bedford: This two story Spanish Colonial Revival residence adheres to the popular courtyard plan. It displays the usual stucco
304 Camden Dr., S.

increasing the horizontality of the massing. The L-shaped plan has a courtyard with a medium height stucco wall, porte cochere, and other details associated with the style. These include the leaded and stained glass window, arched entry to the courtyard,
320 Camden Dr., S.

cochere and the two story section which intersects in the L—shaped plan. The Spanish Colonial Revival residence is sheathed in stucco and capped by a red tile roQf. Openings are arched; an addition has been made to the second story.
324 Camden Dr., S.

as a roofing material, the residence is similar in plan, massing, and setback to others in the grouping. Landscaping is attractive. The uneven rake of the front gable is a common detail used in a number of homes throughout the tract. An arched opening leads
328 Camden Dr., S.

plantings of the landscape design. The colonnade leads to a recessed entrance. The residence is L—shaped in plan; grilles cover the windows. Clad in stucco and capped with a tile roof, this is an example of the style in its single story variation. — --~.--
333 Camden Dr., S.

OWNER: Backus; S. ARCHITECT: None BUILDER: Unknown DESCRIPTION: 333 Camden: Palms of several varieties enhance the look of this courtyard plan. The low stucco wall which surrounds the courtyard is of medium height and is connect to the one story
340 Camden Dr., S.

OWNER: Ley; F.W. & Philipp ARCHITECT: None BUILDER: Ley; F.W. & Philipp DESCRIPTION: 340 Camden: This two story Spanish Colonial Revival residence carries the plan of the majority of others in the grouping. A low stucco wall separates the courtyard
304 El Camino Dr., S.

OWNER: Rosefelt; Noel ARCHITECT: Walsh; Craig A. BUILDER: Byrd; R.L. DESCRIPTION: 304 El Camino: A two story Spanish Colonial Revival residence sited toward the corner, this home is L—shaped in plan. At the apex is a circular tower capped with a red
309 El Camino Dr., S.

the wall. A large arched street. This home uses turned wood, extended brackets, and detailing. this Spanish Colonial is L—shaped in plan. A picture window faces the red tile to complete its
320 El Camino Dr., S.

The rear portion of the stucco residence is two story, while the living room area which is perpendicular to the street is one. Both have red tiled roofs, one with decorative wQoden molding under the eaves, the other with plan brackets under the overhang.
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