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3-27-14 Minutes

Action: The Commission provided feedback to staff, and directed staff to continue work on refining code amendments intended to address building scale, mass, and parking requirements. COMMITTEE REPORTS • Single Family Residence Bulk and Mass Standards Task

and find out what are the smoking/vaping regulations for your complex. Similar to smoking, the landlord may regulate e-cigarette use throughout the complex. 12) Where can I find the e-cigarette ordinance in the City’s municipal code? You can find
Planning Commission Meeting Action Minutes 12-13-12

Nespresso Request for Open Air Dining Permit to establish open air dining on private property and the public right-of-way, and a request for a waiver of four code-required parking spaces associated with the open air dining. (Senior Planner Ryan Gohlich)
Vote-By-Mail Application - Farsi

X__________________________________________________________________DATE / تاريخ ____________________ SIGNATURE OF APPLICANT / امضای متقاضی WARNING: Perjury is punishable by imprisonment in state prison for two, three or four years. (Section 126 of the California Penal Code.) .کد کيفری کاليفرنيا) 126 (بخشاخطار:
Design Review Commission Application

Property Owner Information1  Name(s): Address: City: State & Zip  Code: Phone: Fax: E‐Mail C  Applicant Information [individual(s) or entity benefiting from the entitlement]  Name(s): Address: City: State & Zip  Code: Phone: Fax:    E‐Mail D 
10-04-12 DRC Minutes

Compliance with Municipal Code. Prior to issuance of a building permit, the applicant shall demonstrate compliance with all applicable provisions of the city’s municipal code and applicable conditions imposed by any discretionary review approval. 4)
Public Works Commission July 9 Synopsis

for landscaping and one for domestic use and that multi-family dwellings have multiple meters for each unit. MOTION by Commissioner Felsenthal, Seconded by Commissioner Pressman that the Commission recommends City Council amend the Building and Safety Code
7-24-14 PC Synopses

concerns related to building scale and mass and parking requirements Provide direction to staff. Planner: Michele McGrath, Principal Planner Public Input: None. Action: The Commission affirmed the proposed code amendments as presented by staff.
7-24-14 PC Minutes (2)

Planner Public Input: None. Action: The Commission affirmed the proposed code amendments as presented by staff. COMMITTEE REPORTS • Single Family Residence Bulk and Mass Standards Task Force • Zoning Code Reorganization Task Force • Planning Commission
10-23-14 PC Synopsis

The Commission reconvened at 3:16 pm. (Taken out of Order) STUDY SESSION 4. Review of Proposed Amendments to Beverly Hills Municipal Code Article 32: Historic Preservation Ordinance, as presented by Commissioner Corman Provide direction to staff
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