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List of Master Architects

As defined in the City’s Municipal code, a Master Architect is an architect of recognized greatness in the field of architecture, or a designer, builder, landscape architect, engineer, or developer who has played an active role in the development
910 Bedford Dr., N.

— The Resources Agency DEPARTMENT OF PARKS AND RECREATION CONTINUATION SHEET ) Page lofI P2. Location: 910 North Bedford Dr. BlO Significance: Primary # HRI # Trinomial NRHP Status Code: 3S ) This building appears in good condition with no significant
Addendum #1

alternative AMH solutions in addition to the main one requested? A: Yes, BHPL will consider alternatives. We look forward to new approaches from the experts in the field that you represent. 5. Where are the bar codes located on the items
Household Hazardous Waste & E-waste Roundup 2014

containers. • Do not mix the items together. • There is a limit of 15 gallons or 125 pounds of hazardous waste per trip. • Be prepared to leave your containers and boxes. Remove all other items from your trunk. Scan this code for a schedule of upcoming
Wood Roof Ordinance Community Meeting Q&A

by the fire and building code industries to meet Class A standards. As such, at this time, no fire retardant spray-on material may be used in lieu of replacing your wood roof in compliance with the City’s Wood Roof Ordinance. Q: Is a wood roof
RFP Questions- Set 1

of the vehicles. Currently, the city does not use a collection agency to collect on any short falls. 3. Although the Request For Bid references the 1988 Code, a number is not given. How much is the City identification card fee per employee? The city
10-17-12 Synopsis

The resolution was approved with conditions. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE ARCHITECTURAL COMMISSION • Meeting Recap Discussion Action: No action taken. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE URAN DESIGNER • Conflict of Interest Code (TAB 13) • Staff level approvals (TAB 14)
2-19-14 AC Minutes

(Continuedfrom the Architectural Commission meeting on January 15, 2014) Planner: Cindy Gordon, Associate Planner Project Agent: P.S. Services, Inc. Public Input: None. Motion: Motion by Commissioner Kaye, Second by Commissioner Peteris to approve
4-24-14 Minutes

COMMITTEE REPORTS • Single Family Residence Bulk and Mass Standards Task Force • Zoning Code Reorganization Task Force • Planning Commission I Cultural Heritage Commission Joint Subcommittee Page 3 of 4 Planning Commission Regular Meeting Minutes April
11-13-14 PC Minutes

Shooshani to adopt the resolution as amended (4-0). Action: The resolution was adopted as amended. COMMITTEE REPORTS • Single Family Residence Bulk and Mass Standards Task Force • Zoning Code Reorganization Task Force • Planning Commission I Cultural
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