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Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Notes - March 18, 2015

is about the same per parking space, but land is used more efficiently. Other cities are building these facilities now. Evaluation of code enforcement shows that 21% of complaints are for illegal use of gas-powered leaf blowers. One idea discussed
Management Audit Presentation

routine  police  patrols,  investigative  services,  traffic  enforcement  and  investigation,  and  parking  code  enforcement.    BHPD  considers existing service to be adequate.2  Equipment includes 29 black and white patrol vehicles, 15 police
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/1292105352924291543/Management Audit.pdf
Consumer Confidence Report 2006

the City’s web- site. Conservation tips and devices are available at www.bewaterwise.com. The City of Beverly Hills will continue to provide the highest quality water and to keep you informed of our water programs and services. Please read
Anthony - Kerry House Historic Assessment Report

Greene, and  its association with an early  film  industry personage, actor Norman Kerry.   The  property was,  therefore,  assigned  a  National  Register  Status  Code  (now  referred  to  as  the  California Historical Resource Status Codes) of 3, which 
2014-15 Special Event Fee Schedule

57.00 57.00 Cleaning Deposit 602.00 602.00 Maintenance Fee 322.00 322.00 Wedding/Commitment Ceremony Photos Only (per hour) Beverly Canon Gardens 472.00 578.00 Greystone (exterior only) and Will Rogers Park 237.00 291.00 Community Services, Special
Beverly Hills Weekly: Approved Ordinance Targets Beverly Hills Homeless

get over,” said Rychlicki. “By having an outreach team that is trained to work with these types of homeless peo- ple we have a better chance of getting them into these services.” Vice Mayor Barry Brucker says the ordi- nance will help “curve
FY 2015-16 CM Message

continues to enjoy excellent microeconomics and a prosperous business sector. This budget provides for the continuation of current levels of City services in addition to recommendations for increasing service in targeted areas. Targeted increases in service
Roxbury Views Winter 2015

to be the countless, unhurried hours he spent in the garage “tinkering” with their ’90 Lexus. He vacuumed, he dusted, he waxed, he poked around under the hood and, periodically, he took the car to his mechanic for its required services. Her husband died in 2000.
Consumer Confidence Report 2013

Liter micrograms per liter (µg/L) µg/L microgram per liter or parts per billion This publication was created by the City of Beverly Hills, Department of Public Works Services, as part of its Environmental Programs outreach efforts. Log
Beverly Hills In Focus - October 2008

General’s office at www.ag.ca.gov/charities. BEVERLY HILLS - IS SERVICE ORIENTED ® 4 The smooth operation of City programs and events relies on people with a penchant for detail, a focus on community and an ability to think on their feet. Meet
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