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CALGreen (WS-1) Baseline Water Use Budget Calculation Form

if urinals are not installed in the room. 2 The Flow-rate is from the CEC Appliance Efficiency Standards, Title 20 California Code of Regulations; where a conflict occurs, the CEC standards shall apply. 3 For low-rise residential occupancies,
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8553--WS-1 baseline water use.pdf
7-18-12 AC Minutes

Code Section 10-3207. CONTINUED ITEMS — PUBLIC HEARINGS 3. Prada — 343 North Rodeo Drive Request for revisions for a previously approved façade remodel and business identification sign (PL12 11212). Planner: Shena Rojemann, Associate Planner
2010-11 1st Quarter Budget Status Report - Vol 2

to more efficiently interact with the City staff and services. This effort will continue to provide many new online services including the ability for the public to fill out multi-departmental forms, and request public works services online.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/8337--FY 10 - 11 1st Quarter Budget Status Report - Volume 2 - reduced file size.pdf

to expected time for operations requiring testing/inspection services. 5. Employ services of an independent qualified testing laboratory and pay for additional samples, tests, and inspections required by Contractor beyond specified requirements.
Duplication of Documents

To request copies of permits, Certificates of Occupancy, structural or geotechnical reports, and Code Enforcement records: 1. Fill out the Public Records Request Form 2. E-mail the completed Records Request form or fax to (310) 273-0972 Note:
Legislative Advocate Registration Form

Legislative Advocate Registration Homepage The City of Beverly Hills Municipal Code (BHMC) states that any paid Legislative Advocate that engages in communication with the City must fill out a form for that purpose. In April
Director's Determination

Director's Determination of Ineligibility for Landmark Designation Administrative Guidelines In order for property owners to have certainty relative to the historic status of their property, Beverly Hills Municipal Code Section 10-3-3204
Hotel Information

Article 8, Section 814 of the Beverly Hills Municipal Code (BHMC), Hotels are mandated to provide the prospective lessee or renter of their facilities with a Charitable Solicitations Packet and require the charitable organization to execute a form
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 4: APPEAL AND REVIEW PROCEDURES Article 1. Appeal Of Administrative Decisions To Council 1-4-107: Decisions By The Council Final

o'clock (12:01) midnight on the first day after issuance. (1962 Code § 1-6.107) http://sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/index.php?book_id=&section_id=187100
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 4: APPEAL AND REVIEW PROCEDURES Article 2. Council Ordered Review Of Administrative Decisions 1-4-203: Hearings By The Council

It shall not be a ground for objection that the evidence is hearsay or secondary, but the council's decision shall be made upon substantial evidence. (1962 Code § 1-6.203) http://sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/index.php?book_id=&section_id=187104
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