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IFB C1056 Appendix C (Amd 3) - COBH Tech Spec for DI Pipe

picofarads per foot, 10%. Color Code: Two Pair -Blue/white and orange/white; Three Pair -Blue/white, orange/white, and green/white; Four Pair -Blue/white, orange/white, green/white, and brown/white. Each cable shall be identified
Technical Specifications

submittals. C. Mock-ups. D. Control of installation. E. Tolerances. F. Testing and inspection services. G. Manufacturers' field services. 1.02 RELATED SECTIONS A. Document 00300 - Information Available to Bidders: Soil investigation data. B.

REQUIREMENTS PART 1 GENERAL 1.01 SECTION INCLUDES A. References and standards. B. Quality assurance submittals. C. Mock-ups. D. Control of installation. E. Tolerances. F. Testing and inspection services. G. Manufacturers' field services
Supplemental Accessibility No. 2 Plan Review Checklist

and assistance devices. (1132B.2.7) J. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS No. Comment Code Sec. No.
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5168--2008 LARUCP Plan Review List - Supplemental Accessibility No 2 v1.0.pdf
Storm Water - Best Management Practices - Check List

Industrial Classification (SIC) Code which best describes the facilities operations? 6. Describe the type of use (or uses0 for each building or tenant space. 7. Does project include food preparation, cooking, and eating areas (specify location and type
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5292--SWPP and SUSMP project checklist .pdf
Trousdale Estates Construction Measures

official, Building Inspector, or Code Enforcement) finds that a truck exceeds this limit, they will deny access to the Trousdale Estates area or require it be weighed at a commercial scale to demonstrate that it does not exceed the 50,400 pound limit.
Tenant and Landlord Information

Community Preservation enforces Beverly Hills Municipal Code provisions regulating residential multi-family rent stabilization for apartment units. Note that our rent control does not apply to condominium units, single-family homes, or commercial
Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Other plumbing fixtures such as toilets What are the amendments? Link to Emergency Standards Adopted Code Link to Emergency Standards Adopted Code Revised 12-21-2009 The emergency amendment modifies the existing graywater system

with normal traffic regulations or control. [BHMC Section 4-3.202(a)] Assemblies. The Beverly Hills Municipal Code defines an assembly as any meeting, demonstration, picket line, rally, gathering, or group of 25 or more persons, animals, or vehicles,
City of Beverly Hills Inspection Record

________________________________________________ OWNER ________________________________________________ CONTRACTOR CODE # INSPECTION DATE INSPECTOR CODE # INSPECTION DATE INSPECTOR 104 Front, side & rear setbacks
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5531--CITY OF BEVERLY HILLS INSPECTION RECORD.pdf
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