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Taxicab Franchise RFP Proposer Questions/Responses 6/9/14 1

green vehicles to green vehicles will occur post year one of the franchise. \ A: A minimum of 50% of a franchisee’s fleet is required within the first year and must remain at 50% of their fleet for the term of the franchise. If you wish
Beverly Hills In Focus - December 2014

of birth or Social Security numbers, to unfamiliar companies and people or unso- licited callers. • Make sure you understand any business agreement you sign; if the terms are complex, ask a competent attorney to review them. • If an “opportunity”
Unit 1

in the U.S. Throughout recent history, literacy has most often been viewed in terms of the amount of educational preparation needed for entry-level employment. Thus, definitions of "functional" literacy have typically been tied to grade-level equivalents.
IFB C1056 - WSE Project - Advanced Utility Relocations (La Cienega Station) FINAL

shall take its precedence from the term it amends. All other documents and terms and conditions shall remain unchanged. ARTICLE II: DEFINITIONS Capitalized terms, abbreviations and symbols used in this Contract are defined in the Article in the General
Urban Water Management Plan 2010

Due to the natural replenishment of the basin and mild pumping activity, there are in the Basin. In an effort to eliminate long- term overdraft groundwater levels are monitored and the City also works closely with other agencies in the Basin
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/9152--Urban Water Management Plan 2010_8-30-11.pdf
Sewer System Management Plan 12-2012

Definitions/Abbreviations/Acronyms Rev. 0 City of Beverly Hills Sewer System Management Plan ii DEFINITIONS/ABBREVIATIONS/ACRONYMS Terms That Appear in This Guide (Glossary) Some terms and acronyms used in this document (and/or the Statewide GWDR), along
2007-08 1st Quarter Status Report

to the long- term economic viability of the City and its quality of life. Because businesses provide 78 percent of the funding that supports municipal services for residents, the City looks for ways to protect and expand business sector revenues.
Brochure - Director of Administrative Services / Chief Financial Officer Position

by the renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, located in the adjacent City of Los Angeles. The City Organization As a General Law City, Beverly Hills is governed by five City Council- members elected for overlapping four-year terms. Every odd-numbered year either
EOP 2013 Finance and Administration Section

all cost data; analyze and prepare estimates of incident costs; and maintain accurate records of incident costs. As the recovery proceeds, the Cost Analysis Unit will be increasingly tasked to support the planning function in terms of cost
FY 2013 Single Audit Report

TO SCHEDULE OF EXPENDITURES OF FEDERAL AWARDS (CONTINUED) For the year ended June 30, 2013 6. CONTINGENCIES: Under the terms of federal and state grants, additional audits may be requested by the grantor agencies, and certain costs may
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