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Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Notes - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#BHHealthyCity initiatives during her term as mayor. They will soon launch a disaster preparedness certification training for businesses. Commission representatives were also going to attend the upcoming CERT graduation in May. The commission continues
August 21, 2014 Fine Art Commission Special Meeting

for September 23. Unclear is how the new rules will effect currently seated Commissioners. Commissioner Chalom’s term is scheduled to terminate at the end of December 2014, after which her replacement, Michael Smooke will be seated. That timeline could
February 20, 2014 Fine Art Commission Synopsis

Chalom’s term in the Chair position ended with this meeting; Vice Chair Pressman ascended to the Chair position; Commissioner Potter ascended to the Vice Chair position. The Commission and staff bid a more than fond farewell to Commissioner Smooke whose
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Highlights - Monday, March 3, 2014

Study Session that e-cigarettes be regulated like tobacco products in terms of use and sales. The recommendations, which were adopted at the regular meeting that night. A Cert refresher training course was held Saturday march 1; 45 people
Sales Tax Update 2015 Third Quarter

of disappearing, the trend has many re- tail chains considering long- term plans for smaller “showroom” units with less square footage, employees, and in-store inventory. HdL’s statewide sales tax database for the first three quarters of 2015 shows
RFP Document

hours and programs as it sees fit. PREFERRED TERMS OF AGREEMENT: 1. The food service contractor will be required to sign a professional services agreement with the City of Beverly Hills. The City prefers a contract with an initial term of two (2)
November 20, 2015 Memorandum

as a nuisance tree due to their propensity to self-shed large limbs without warning and, as a result, are often deemed a long- term liability. The City has, through its Urban Forest program, initiated the removal of several Eucalyptus trees on its own
March 17, 2016

on their appointment by City Council for a second term. - Human Services submitted two applications for The United States Conference of Mayors 2016 City Livability Awards. - Youth In Government scheduled for May 10, 2016. - Chair Popovich-Levyn’s letter to the editor
Staff Report AVs

Vehicle program That Includes a City-Sponsored Forum at the Annenberg Center Attachments: 1. None INTRODUCTION At the request of Mayor Mirisch, staff has prepared a high-level work plan with the long- term goal of expanding the City’s
Agenda Report - Autonomous Vehicles

support for the City developing an autonomous vehicle program within Beverly Hills. INTRODUCTION At the April 5, 2016 City Council Study Session, staff presented a high-level work plan with the long- term goal of expanding the City’s autonomous
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