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06-11-15 Meeting Synopsis

that the Commission recommends City Council consider a minimum 5% rate increase in the short term, implemented as soon as practicable, to cover anticipated revenue shortfalls resulting from conservation efforts and to analyze potential income sources
June 18, 2015

special on development, conservation and historic preservation in Cuba. Tab 11. Rotation of Fine Art Commission ChairMce Chair Chair Pressman will retire after 2 full terms of distinguished service to the Fine Art Commission, Vice Chair Potter
12-04-14 DRC Synopsis

DISCUSSION  Design Review Awards COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE COMMISSION  Mayor’s Cabinet Meeting  Chair Wyka expressed thanks and recognized retiring Commissioner Susan Strauss. Commissioner Strauss reflected on her term as a Commissioner.
12-04-14 DRC Minutes

COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE COMMISSION • Mayor’s Cabinet Meeting • Chair Wyka expressed thanks and recognized retiring Commissioner Susan Strauss. Commissioner Strauss reflected on her term as a Commissioner. COMMUNICATIONS FROM THE URBAN DESIGNER Page
Teen Advisory Committee application

S. Roxbury Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90212 Email: jleuning@beverlyhills.org Additional Information:  Committee member term begins July 26, 2016 and concludes April 2017.  The TAC will consist of 15 members from the following: - Beverly Hills
August 21, 2014 Fine Art Commission Special Meeting

for September 23. Unclear is how the new rules will effect currently seated Commissioners. Commissioner Chalom’s term is scheduled to terminate at the end of December 2014, after which her replacement, Michael Smooke will be seated. That timeline could
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Notes - Tuesday, April 28, 2015

#BHHealthyCity initiatives during her term as mayor. They will soon launch a disaster preparedness certification training for businesses. Commission representatives were also going to attend the upcoming CERT graduation in May. The commission continues
Health and Safety Commission Minutes - April 27, 2015

a contribution to the mission of the Health and Safety Commission, Commissioner Nazarian nominated Honorable former Mayor Lili Bosse for her Healthy City Initiative during her 2014-2015 Mayoral term. As part of the Health City Initiative, Honorable Lili Bosse
Mayors Cabinet Meeting Notes - September 21, 2015

was sent back for redesign. Fine Art Commission (FAC) – Vice Chair Alan Kaye Richard Serra’s Twins sculpture was dedicated on the City Hall lawn Monday; it is a long- term loan from the Gagosian Gallery. The Carol Bove’s IO was installed
08-11-15 Meeting Synopsis

3. Santa Monica 5 Parking Facilities Maintenance Update Mr. Lynn provided an update. The following were discussed: Overview (City Facilities and Parking Operations); History; Interim Solutions; Long- term; and Block By Block. 4. “Will
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