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Catastrophic Leave Policy Request to Receive Donations

Bank. To be eligible to participate, the employee’s catastrophic occurrence” is a non-industrial life threatening verifiable long term illness or an injury such as, but not limited to, cancer or a heart attack which disables the individual
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/6580693421540094308/Catastrophic Leave Policy Request to Receive Donations.doc
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 9: LEGISLATIVE ADVOCATES Article 1. Compensated Legislative Advocates 1-9-102: Definitions

Sterling Codifiers, Inc. 1-9-102: DEFINITIONS: The following terms used in this article shall have the meanings set forth below. For any term not specifically defined herein, the definitions shall be as set forth
Grading Bond Application

with all the requirement of BHMC Secs. 9-1-201 through 9-1-203. (2) If all of the work required to be done complies with all of the terms and conditions of the permit for excavation or fill to the anticipation of the Department of Building and Safety
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/5079--GRADING PERMIT BOND.pdf
Liaison Committee Assignments

X X Jeff/Larry PTA Liaison X X Jeff/Steve Rodeo Drive/Special Events/Holiday Program X X Cheryl/Steve Sister Cities Committee X X Cheryl Ad Hoc Committees (Limited Term): LB JG WB JM NK Staff Annenberg Construction Coordination
Beverly Hills City Council Approves Annual Municipal Budget

the previous year. Longer term budget reductions include savings from the recently concluded negotiations with the Police Officers Association. Some of those savings are reduced pension benefits for newly hired employees and a phase-in of current employees
Q&A from Pre-Bid Conference

sample agreement states that the term of the contract will be 5 years. Please clarify Answer: Bidders should submit proposals for the following terms:  Three (3) years with two (2) one (1) year options  Five (5) years with two (2) one (1) year
Standard & Poor's Rating Report

Hills Public Financing Authority, California Beverly Hills; Appropriations; General Obligation Credit Profile US$57.555 mil lse rev bnds (Beverly Hills) ser 2012A due 06/01/2037 Long Term Rating AA+/Stable New Beverly Hills ICR Long Term Rating
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/6161--Beverly Hills - 2012 Lease Revenue Bonds - S&P Report (03-28-2012).PDF
Beverly Hills Acquires Roxy Paine Sculpture

exhibited in countries around the world. The piece being acquired by the City is titled “Erratic,” a stainless steel boulder measuring 7 feet tall by 15 feet wide. In geology, the term “erratic” refers to a rock that has been carried by a glacier hundreds
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/4925--Roxy Paine FINAL.pdf
Title 1 - GENERAL PROVISIONS Chapter 3: CODE VIOLATIONS Article 3. Administrative Penalties 1-3-302: Definitions

thereof. RESPONSIBLE PERSON: Any person whom a citing official determines is responsible for causing, maintaining, permitting, or allowing a violation of this code. The term "responsible person" includes, but is not limited to: any person who has
City Council and City Treasurer Candidates Finalized for March 3, 2009 Municipal Elections

Ross Richard A. Stone For the City Treasurer position, confirmed candidates are: Eliot Finkel Councilmembers are elected to serve four-year terms. From within their membership, the Council then appoints a mayor and vice-mayor, with both
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/4529--City Candidates 2009.pdf
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