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FY 2003-04 Budget

Profile of Beverly Hills Thomas S. Levyn Mayor The City of Beverly Hills, a long-established residential city and commercial center is located within Los Angeles County in Southern California. The City, incorporated in 1914, has an estimated 2
http://www.beverlyhills.org/cbhfiles/storage/files/filebank/2505--FY 2003-04 Budget.pdf
Community Groups

Everyone is invited to join. Free lessons and equipment are provided. Beverly Hills Little League and Senior Little League Organized baseball program for ages 6-15 years. www.bhll.net Beverly Hills Triathlon Team This 8 week training program runs

reservation at least four (4) court hours in advance. Failure to do so will result in the assessment of court fee in full. Tennis Lessons To learn how to play tennis, or to improve on what you already know, call the Beverly Hills Tennis Pro-Shop for more
Health and Safety Commission Meeting Minutes - September 2012

UPDATE Senior Budget and Financial Analyst Mark Brower discussed an overview of the first year operation, lessons learned, changes to the process, and future endeavors on the Tobacco Ordinance implemented in August 2010. 3. UPDATE FROM
Health and Safety Commission Minutes - May 19, 2014

INFORMATIONAL ITEMS • Commission Calendar • Kelp off Malibu: No Signs of Radiation from Japanese Nuke Meltdown • 5 Important Lessons from the Biggest E-Cigarette Study Action: Received and filed. ADOPTION OF MINUTES Consideration of the Action Minutes
Community Services Quarterly Brochure

most popular year-round programs and offers something for everyone. We have parent and me classes, swim camps during the summer, year-round swim teams, and lessons for all ages and abilities. For more information on our aquatics classes, teams
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Notes - Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the City’s goals regarding residential design. Health and Safety Commission – Peter Landau CERT graduation was held. Twenty-one people completed the 21-hour class, which included lessons on urban search and rescue and fire suppression. The Emergency
Promenading Your Pooch in Public

or hydrants. Avoid trees and flowerbeds. Etiquette Lessons and Safety Tips The well-trained city dog needs to respond to a minimum of four basic commands: “Sit- Stay,” “Heel,” “Leave it” and “Come.” When you're waiting at a traffic light, a dog in a sitstay
Mayor's Cabinet Meeting Notes - March 18, 2015

of a model that would lesson the impact of road closures. The LA Marathon went smoothly this year. Former commissioner Jeff Levine has agreed to work with City’s lobbyists to find a solution to disabled parking abuse at the state level. The placard
Health and Safety Commission Meeting Minutes - January 25, 2016

and safety related issues; including information on student immunizations/vaccinations, lessons learned from a bomb threat, and to provide an update of ongoing construction projects. Mr. Hertz stated that students entering kindergarten or seventh grade
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