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Economic Sustainability Plan Subcommittees


Economic Sustainability Committee Agendas & Highlights. 

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At the February 16, 2021, Study Session, the City Council was presented with a draft of the updated Economic Sustainability Plan (ESP) prepared by Lisa Wise Consulting (LWC). The strategy laid out by LWC is consistent with the foundation and pillars of the 2011-2015 ESP, and has encapsulated the strategy into a three-pronged approach of Brand, Well-Being, and Budget.

The City of Beverly Hills City Council created the Economic Sustainability Plan Subcommittees to review each focus area in more depth.

Below is an overview of each focus area along with the Councilmembers who were assigned to each area in 2021: 

  • Brand (Brand Management)  – Clientele attraction, marketing, business development and support related to brand enhancement, and physical improvements to support the brand (Mayor Friedman and Councilmember Bosse)
  • Well-Being (High-Quality Experience and Community Well-Being) – Special events, mobility and safety improvements, and the regulatory environment (Vice Mayor Wunderlich and Councilmember Bosse)
  • Budget (Diversified and Strong Fiscal Position) – Asset management and enhancement, operating efficiencies and use of technology, fiscal assessment of City activities, and work plan priorities (Councilmembers Gold and Mirisch)

The updated ESP includes an Action Plan organized by each Focus Area, along with the timeframe, priority level, lead department, and metric for success for each action. The subcommittees will be able to discuss the Brand, Well-Being, and Budget portions of the Action Plan and recommend priorities and changes or deletions. Once the three subcommittees have met and determined their recommendations, the ESP will be brought to the entire City Council for discussion. The target date for this Council discussion is May 2021. 

For more information on the Economic Sustainability Plan Subcommittees, please contact Magdalena Davis, Community Outreach Manager, at


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Future meetings of the Economic Sustainability Plan Subcommittees will be broadcast on Beverly Hills Television (Spectrum Channel 10 or 35) and available for viewing online at

Economic Sustainability Plan Budget Subcommittee Agendas and Highlights
Economic Sustainability Plan Well-Being Subcommittee Agenda and Highlights
Economic Sustainability Plan Brand Subcommittee Agenda and Highlights
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