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Councilmember Craig A. Corman

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March 2024 - March 2028

Councilmember Craig A. Corman was elected to the Beverly Hills City Council in March 2024.  A 50-year Beverly Hills resident,  Councilmember Corman understands the history of the city and how it has evolved over time.

Always active in the Beverly Hills community, Councilmember Corman served for eight years on the Planning Commission (being re-appointed three times) and served the last four years on the Cultural Heritage Commission.  He is a past Chair of both commissions.

While on the Planning Commission, Councilmember Corman helped draft key provisions of the development code, including the Trousdale View Preservation Ordinance, the current Historic Preservation Ordinance, and multiple ordinances enacting new development standards in the Hillside Area and Central Area.  While on the Cultural Heritage Commission, he worked to implement and refine the city’s historic preservation program he helped create.

Councilmember Corman is a proud graduate of Hawthorne (K-8) and Beverly Hills High School (Class of 1977) with generational roots in Beverly Hills.  His parents, Nan and Gene Corman, were community fixtures in the city for decades, having both graduated from Beverly Hills High School in the 1940’s.  While at Beverly High, he was an early pioneer of KBEV, the student television station.

After benefitting from the excellent education provided by the Beverly Hills schools, Councilmember Corman earned his B.A. from Stanford University (1981) and his J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School (1984). 

Outside city government, Councilmember Corman managed and coached his children’s baseball and softball teams for six years in Beverly Hills Little League and has been a member of the Rotary Club of Beverly Hills since 2016.

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