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Major Pipeline Repair Prompts Call for Suspension of Outdoor Watering September 6-20

For Immediate Release - August 23, 2022
Contact: Keith Sterling, Chief Communications Officer - (714) 600-0952 

SEPTEMBER 6th – 20th

Beverly Hills, Calif. – As crews from the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) plan repairs to a major pipeline, water customers across Beverly Hills and several other cities are being asked to suspend outdoor watering for two weeks from Tuesday, September 6 through Tuesday, September 20. 

After a leak was discovered in the 36-mile Upper Feeder pipeline earlier this year, MWD completed a temporary repair until a permanent solution was designed.  Now, that work is set to begin and the City will be receiving its water from an already stressed water supply.  The following conservation measures are strongly recommended:


  • Eliminate all outdoor watering.
  • Do not mow your lawn.


  • Put a bucket in your shower to collect water as the shower warms up. Use this water to hand water houseplants and sensitive outdoor plants as well as areas of the lawn that may show excessive stress.
  • Take short showers (5-minute max).
  • Do not leave water running when washing dishes. Fill a small bin or bucket with water to wash your dishes in and when you’re done, use that water for trees or lawns.
  • Run only full loads in your washing machine and dishwasher.
  • Do not leave the water running when brushing your teeth or shaving.

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