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Social Media Policy

The City of Beverly Hills actively posts on its social media channels in order to keep the community informed regarding latest events, emergency updates and more. Social media outlets are used as an outreach tool for the City and serves as an additional source of information for the public. 

To view the City's Social Media Policy, please click HERE.


instagram and Twitter Accounts
Instagram_Update   Twitter_Update Twitter_Update
Departments   Departments Programs and Events
 City (Main)   City (Main)  Beverly Hills Art Show
 Police Department   Beverly Hills Library Farmers' Market
Next Beverly Hills   Emergency Management Next Beverly Hills 
Community Life BH   Police Department  
  Fire Department   Community Life BH  
Just in Case BH      

facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and LinkedIn

Be the first to know what's happening at the City of Beverly Hills! 

 FB_Updated  FB_Updated YouTube_Update Vimeo_Update  LinkedInSMPage
Departments Programs & Events Departments Departments
City (Main) Beverly Hills Art Show City of Beverly Hills (YouTube)  Human Resources
Beverly Hills Library Farmers' Market  Beverly Hills TV (Vimeo)  
 Community Dog Park Next Beverly Hills    
 Greystone Mansion & Gardens Concours d'Elegance    
Police Department Just in Case BH    
Community Life BH      
Fire Department      

Other Social Media

 Use these features to get in touch with City staff!   

Ask Bev Text BH


Text BH

Ask Bev - Submit a Request Text BH


City Apps

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Emergency Information Systems

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