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Team Beverly Hills is an interactive and educational program developed for residents that informs citizens about their local government representatives, departments and programs; community associations; and, current community issues.  The Team Beverly Hills (BH) program is designed to create an environment that nurtures and encourages leadership, participation and responsibility by the City's citizenry.  The vision of Team BH is to develop and maintain an informed, energetic and diversified resource for community involvement and leadership roles.


What is Team BH?
  • Lectures by City officials and representatives (Mayor and City Councilmembers, City Treasurer, City Attorney, City Manager, City Department Heads from Building & Safety, Engineering, Emergency Services, Finance, Information Technology, Library, Planning, Public Works, Recreation & Parks, and Transportation Departments, including Police Chief and Fire Chief); as well as community, local business, and education leaders.
  • Open dialogue with City officials, City representatives and community/business leaders in order to enable and offer participants an understanding of issues, opportunities and challenges facing the City.
  • Presentations and interactive demonstrations.
  • Tours of City facilities and public/private sites.
  • Informal gatherings (for networking between Team members, City officials and representatives, and community/business leaders).
  • Recognition and graduation program for current Team members.


  • To build a resource of involved citizens for future commissions, committees, programs and projects for the benefit of the Beverly Hills community.
  • To develop, nurture and utilize leadership potential within the community.
  • To familiarize residents with all aspects of government, business, education and service industries.
  • To involve residents in community activities, projects and endeavors.

Developed in 1996, the Team Beverly Hills program currently has over 750 Alumni members. As more residents are educated through the Team Beverly Hills program, the positive results benefit the entire community as Alumni continue to seek out opportunities to participate and assist existing civic and community organizations and agencies. The long-term benefits embody an ever-expanding network and resource of community leaders, as well as assist in building a stronger bridge of mutual trust and respect between the community and its government. Many graduates volunteer at City events, sit on committees, currently serve or have served on City commissions, assist with neighborhood projects, and offer invaluable service to local non-profit organizations.


For more information, call 310-285-1014 or email

Team Beverly Hills
455 N. Rexford Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Fax: (310) 247-1953

Team Beverly Hills Alumni

Team Beverly Hills Class of 2019 - 2020

  • City of Beverly Hills Shield
  • City of Beverly Hills
  • 455 North Rexford Dr
    Beverly Hills, CA 90210
  • (310) 285-1000
  • Monday-Thursday 7:30AM-5:30PM
  • Friday 8:00AM-5:00PM

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